Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Learning Curve

My baby has got six weeks until his fifth birthday.

Already? Five? My baby?

His teacher was telling me during pick-up today how much he's changed over the course of the school year.

"He soaks everything up and is just beginning to blossom." As if I was worried.

Seriously? He may not know the difference between a q and a p, but make no mistake - this kid has mad skills.

Example: He'll sit for an hour wrapping packages ("packages" meaning old books, broken happy meal toys or smashed granola bars) elevating the items from garbage into gifts. A gift for who? I have no idea. But when I let him know that it's done already and to stop wasting all my tape, the protests begin:

"Not yet - I just need one more thing to make it prettier. 'Cuz it can be better, Mom, it can..."

Is there a preschool unit that teaches "Late Night Dresser Drawer Embellishment"? Give this kid an A+.

Three circles in a row...because even a four-year-old knows that odd numbers are more visually pleasing.

And that layering adds interest.

And that everyday objects are more special when you personalize them.And that ribbon can really dress things up.
And that nothing says whimsy like a complementary polka dot.
Mmm-hmm. Mad skills for sure.


  1. I say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  2. He sure does seem like his mamma, turning one man's trash into anothers treasure.

  3. Am I surprised? No way. It was only a matter of time before one of the five followed in your footsteps :) Nice new pics, Sierra & Brendan look like little grown ups, and maybe it's time to change Mesa's picture, it's really depressing me.

  4. This is sooo precious. Why am I crying?

  5. I am curious about "dun, dun, dun." Is that a commentary on my post, or the sound effect announcing your visit to my blog, like a Darth Vadar death march? (should I feel a chill run down my spine every time I see you post a new comment?)

    But I am not nearly curious about that as I am excited for the coupon. That's better than chocolate. I am very interested in that coupon. :)

  6. Looks like he will have a long and happy career in the Gottschalks gift wrapping department. With my Whitley. Everything is better if you can unwrap it. Feels more festive. Like a mini surprise. A mini one.

  7. Your darling little man is an artist! What a cutie.

  8. Everything really is better gift wrapped and embellished. That is an important lesson that he has learned early. I wouldn't even mind paying bills if they came in a little box with a ribbon.

  9. Catalina does the SAME thing! I have trouble throwing it away as it is created with such care and diligence. We must go through a roll of tape every other day!

  10. My kids wont do that.. I WISH! but on another note... Chase has the exact same red shirt... super cute..

  11. Fabulous! A designer in the making...

  12. like mother like son! too fun! and i too know the feeling of all this present madness! gracie will spend hours and ALL of my tape and tissue paper and empty boxes and anything else to wrap "presents" too. what a goof!

    and i love all the decorating! i am so glad to see that i am not the only one to find those late night decorating sessions when i go into the rooms.


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