Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just Being Ungrateful

I wish that I knew how to play the guitar.

I wish that cooking came naturally to me.

I wish that I was quiet. Able to hide what I'm thinking. Or maybe just to think less about things that don't really matter. Like why women wear knee highs to church. And it's not because "they're not going to show." If I can tell that they're knee highs, they are SHOWING.

I wish that when I finally got into a habit and worked out consistently (for 3 months now), I actually saw results.

I wish that I didn't care about results.

I wish that I knew how to do nothing. And like it.

I wish I could draw. And had cuter handwriting. And could use a pencil without the sound of the graphite scratching across the paper make me want to vomit.

I wish that I knew how to teach my children to play the piano. My approach of "Just look at what the music tells you to do and do it" hasn't been too successful.

I wish that I knew where the fine line is between being permissive and choosing my battles.

I wish that I could show my husband affection even when I'm thoroughly irritated.

I wish I didn't get thoroughly irritated so much.

I wish that what worked for one child would work for them all.

I wish I understood the difference between trying to better myself and being selfish.

Between ambition and not being happy with what I've already been blessed with.

Between being content and being lazy and not going outside my comfort zone.

Oh yeah, and shorter. Don't forget that. Cute and petite. Tall and curvy is totally overrated.


  1. Oh, I feel you on the tall thing. I feel like an Amazon next to most people (I'm 5'9 or 5'10, depending on the day). I wish I weren't such a terrible procrastinator. And that I didn't love the internet so much.

  2. Isnt' it a great thing that your mother still loves you with all of your Insecurities and Uniqueness!!! As for the short and petite.... well being short does NOT guarantee petite... thus a living example (your mommy). Life is full of challenges so we DON'T become content and stagnant. Life is always a challenge! Thank goodness for NOT being BORING... at least when your children say that "they" are bored... you will be able to relate. Enjoy it while you are young... when you get old YOU WILL shrink and THEN you will be short and petite and wonder when your children got to be soooooo TALL! Besides, I think that God allowed us to change shape as we get older so we DON'T have to keep the SAME WARDROBE our whole life! Be thankful for that, otherwise Sierra would be wearing your clothes her whole life!!!!
    Love Always,


  3. Rebecca, And I wish that I could be as wonderful and talented as you!! Love you just the way you are!! Jane

  4. Wow, sometimes I forget that other people have their insecurities. Even artistic, gorgeous, creative, hilarious, tall, multitalented, phenomenal hotchachas. And you've got 60 years to go, right? Pace yourself.

  5. And one more thing...

  6. I wish I could better embrace the Rebecca Wisor in me. I got the tall thing down, and the non-cooker, even the lack of results from exercising (I weigh the same NO MATTER WHAT, so why even try?).

    But to say what I'm thinking, to be LOUD, and to have opinions about things (like knee highs) that don't shrivel up the first time someone else disagrees, to have ambition in the first place...that is power.
    If you're looking to trade all that for something else, say maybe being unambitious, easily influenced and a people pleaser, maybe we could work out a deal. But I really think I'd be getting the better end of the stick.

    As for the rest of it, I'm in that boat with you. I've found a great story about an indian with two wolves in his soul. Ask me about it sometime.


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