Thursday, April 23, 2009

Empty Again

We had a full house again this week. My dad and his wife Pennie came to stay with us just like last year....except this time all 9 of us weren't crammed into a 1600 square foot rental- YIPEE!
And just like last year, they brought the kids a game. This year it was Twister, which (for shame!) my boys had never played.Obligatory booty shot.Grandpa was introduced to Twister 2.0, which involves all the same rules, only with a 45 pound weight on your bad back.As to be expected, Grandma Pennie got suckered into the job of drawing marabou storks, cats playing a chess game, and flamingos wearing bow ties. Note Brendan's hands "mid-flap"....a sure sign that he approves.
But, of course, that wouldn't last forever. Eventually she fell short of his standards of excellence, and he decided to scream, kick the dog, smack Hayden, and then "take it outside" by pooping on the grass in the back yard.

Better the back than the front like last time, I say.

Didn't take a photo of that.

Or his butt being pressure washed with the hose.

Or the "poo footprints".

Or the dog's mouth.


Apparently it's also tradition for them to help with a project while visiting. And when I couldn't come up with anything ("I can't help it if I'm not as needy as Liz!" HAHA) my dad came up with cleaning up all the shoots coming up around our crape myrtles. Hey- knock yourself out....Roger would looooooove to help you.

Naked trees. Only the beginning of our "erotic landscaping" theme.

Alright, who are we kidding?

Everybody knows the only theme we can only pull off "started," which is also known as "she-began-with-good-intentions-but-had-to-go-inside-after-she-saw-a-wasp-and-then-the-phone-rang-and-she-forgot-what-she-was-originally-doing-and-the-lawn-tools-stayed-outside-for-a-week."

Yeah, I rock that look.

Thank you Dad and Pennie...we had a blast and look forward to next year.


  1. HAHAHA!!! I thought we were the only trash ones on our street, but apparently it runs in the family! We had our bathroom mirror in the front yard for 2 weeks before we finally decided to move it into the garage (right in the middle so we have to walk around it every time because the rest of our crap is everywhere else).

  2. I would not object if you sent your dad this way to clean up my yard. Maybe he could cut down the stupid tree that keeps getting sticks everywhere after I spend hours cleaning them up so we can mow.

  3. They are project people, I dont think they could live without a project!!! OH how jealous I am that you got to spend time with my mom... I cant wait.. 4 more weeks, and I get almost 2 weeks with her! YIIIPPPEEE!

  4. haha! you're posts make me laugh and cry all at the same time! :)

  5. Yep, it totally runs in the family. Bob mowed the front lawn on Tuesday & I didn't get around to sweeping up the clippings off the sidewalk to the front door until Saturday. It just doesn't bother me that much. Neither does the fishy ice chest that sits on the front porch instead of inside the garage. I think I just view these little details as "a work in progress" or "an on-going project". I'm sure the neighbors across from us have different opinions, but they haven't complained yet. Thankfully.


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