Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trade-In Value

If you're anything like me (God forbid), you have stuff sitting around your house that

1. you don't need

2. you don't like

3. you don't have a place for, which means it's in a holding area until the perfect spot arrives, which may or may not ever happen.

I know I already sang the praises of Craigslist here.

But the love affair continues.

I just sold a couple of random things (that fit well within ALL 3 categories) to get me the 35 bucks I needed to put something here...

to replace the wimpy tube flourescent light that was up there.

(Here's Roger saying "Okay- it's hung!" Stinker.)

It was the circles that stole my heart...

What could you get rid of to buy a little somethin somethin?


  1. Once again, you've outdone yourself. Gorgeous.

  2. Love it! I'm giving some stuff away, hmmm, or should I cancel the post and go directly to craigslist? hehe. Stop by if you want to leave a comment for a chance to win. Hugs from Conroe TX!

  3. What a fabulous light fixture! I love it. It makes me wonder what I could sell.....maybe it's time to raid the basement and garage.

  4. $35 Rebeka!? I am so disappointed.... ;)

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  6. I've decided you need a Q&A section on your blog. Or a request line. Because I've got a few. The first one is, Rebecca, where do you keep all the "stuff" you keep? Do you throw anything out? Or do you know someday it may turn out to be the exact thing you need in one of your drab-to-fab projects? Do you buy things just because you like them, but may not have a use for them yet? We (I think I speak collectively for your adoring and unimaginative fan base) would really love to see pictures. Of all your trash/treasures/closets/hidey holes. Don't deny your fans.

  7. Nice fixture--the circles are pretty sweet. I also like how the counter material is continued on the windowsill, which is not really related to your post but I thought I'd throw it in there.

    I could get rid of 90% of the stuff in my shed. That would require cleaning the shed to get the stuff out, so that won't happen any time soon.

    I'm a little afraid of Craigslist. Like someone is going to come buy my old junk and try and rob me or something. It's totally plausible.

  8. Love the circles too. Great photography girl..

  9. How many spatulas/bowl scrapers does a family of 7 need? I bet you could sell em on craigslist!


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