Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some Big Shoes To Fill

And the answer is: a hot dog.

That's what Brendan was trying to heat up.

Not that we could tell, since what we found was a pile of ashes.

And all that "goo"?

Melted plastic from the top of the microwave itself.

You would think that when they design an appliance, it would have some kind of turn off safety device for when internal pieces catch on fire and melt, but hey, what do I know.

Thanks to Facebook my status of "craigslistin' for a microwave," some friends of ours from church offered their old one that had been sitting out in their garage.

For free.

I love free.

And it was black...not that I would complain if it wasn't - ya know -being FREE and all, but the new guy would actually match his black oven friend below.

Just a tad smaller than before, no?

A piece of $2 particle board would take care of that, once I cut it down....using the old microwave as a sawhorse.......which didn't turn out to be my best plan ever, given that I didn't use a clamp and the wood shifted while I cut it.


Just a little circular saw through metal.

Guess this old guy won't be turned into a "redneck planter" after all (that was for you, Brandi).

And here's our new little guy in his new home, all snuggly.

Yeah, I still need to get some paint that matches the cabinets so that I can paint out the raw wood, maybe add some trim...

but I'll get around to that...someday.

Right now, I'm busy cookin' some wienies.


  1. Here's what I found a bit entertaining, and a little bit ironic: Please take out that book "The Joy of Cooking" and refer to blogpost dated January 6, 2009. Makes me wonder if you've ever even opened that book. Let's be honest here.
    P.S. Love the microwave, especially the price.
    P.P.S. I love you too, lol

  2. That looks awesome! See, more storage! Brilliant. Your son just knew you needed another project. Oh, and I know, I know about the branch of a tree thing...I've thought about doing that. But if I'm going to find the perfect planter and then do the plaster of paris stuff, I might as well buy it, right? RIGHT?? Oh, and I want to be able to shove it into a storage bin and I would cuss a lot when I pull it out next year and it's just broken branches in a planter. :)

  3. Whatever.
    Everyone likes rain if they're from California, right?

  4. You lack imagination? Whatever.
    I am insanely jealous of your talent at interior design, whether the need to decorate is voluntary or not. I haven't been inside your house yet, but the pictures leave me drooling.

    And everything you write cracks me up. You and Sierra both have that refreshingly edgy wit tinged with sarcasm.

    This particular adventure reminds me of the crazy hijinks of my little brother who set the house on fire and melted barbies in the microwave (although he never melted the microwave itself).

  5. Cute! Remember, your cabinets are raffia cream from Home Depot.

    And speaking of facebook... did you see Leia's engaged!

  6. I love how you can turn a disaster into a brilliant use of space! I saw a dresser out in the rain and thought of you. I begged my husband to drag it home for me, but he lacks inspiration!

  7. Simply amazing! If it wasn't for Brendan...Now, you can have easy access to those cookbooks and recipes!
    I remember you cooking up wienies for a New Year's Eve Party at your house. They were good, you have some serious talent!

  8. My son did the same thing with a hot dog, but 3 minutes and 24 seconds only makes it super black and stinks up the house for 3 days. Brenden must have had that set for at least 15 minutes. Crazy boys. You are a genius when it comes to re-decorating spaces. Watch out Vern and Genevieve----

  9. O.K. Call me crazy but I like your shelf/microwave combo better than the bigger microwave. Hum, like it was meant to be.....

  10. Awesome job! Guess that extra hot and crispy hot dog was a blessing in disguise. hugs

  11. Will you please stop blowing my mind? When do you sleep?


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