Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hayden: "Ahhhh! PUT IT BACK! That's MY chair! Caaaaamden!"

Camden: "Oh yeah? It doesn't have your NAME on it! Plus Mom said your not supposed to put it there, so she's gonna move it anyways. And that means you're gonna be busted. So there..."

When you're the youngest of five, it's not about size.

It is, however, about strategy.

Name on chair?


(note the "monster", complete with happy face, to scare Camden away)

Anti-mom-moving-my-stuff-from-where-I-want-it mechanism, otherwise known as masking tape that was "hidden" on top of the fridge?

Check. I'm so in over my head with this child.


  1. That is awesome. Waay to clever for his own good!

  2. Gooooooooo Hayden!

    Gotta Love That Boy! Reminds me of HIS Mother, Aunts and Uncle!

    Love you Hayden...


  3. Children are brilliant! I never would have thought of that. I love that he wrote his name all over the chair.

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  5. We hide our tape on top of the fridge kids do the same stuff...drives us crazy!! I just had to call my DH in to read this...we had a good laugh!

    Love the new haircolor and TOTALLY adore your attitude!

    Happy Sunday. :)


  7. Just be grateful that he didn't write his name actually on the chair, in PERMANENT marker. That's what Carter would have done. Of course, then you would have just sanded it down and made something amazing out of it. My personal method is scrubbing it as good as I can so that company has to look really closely to see what it says. Kind of a little mystery. Ü

  8. I want to know what the deleted comment was... And as I saw the pic of the chair I thought to myself, "oh this is gonna be good!" But isn't a sneek peek into the Wisor's always a good show? To be honest I don't know why the neighbors decided to put the fence up!

  9. 10--no,--11 comments already, mom? Why can't I get traffic like that????

  10. 12th comment:

    I should hack your blog and put up a huge ad to go to my blog.

  11. LOL!!!! That is a go gettin,problem solving,stickin up for himself kind of boy. He'll be a very good man!

  12. genius! must take after his uncle being so smart and all...

  13. What fabulous minds kids have. They can make you feel that you're outnumbered even if there is only one of them. Maybe we could try the masking tape on Hayden in Primary to get him to stay in his seat.

  14. Now that's ingenuity. The big question is how do you get him to work for your side? With can-do outside-the-box thinking like that, he'd be a powerful ally.

    He could also be a formidable opponent.



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