Thursday, March 19, 2009

Slowly But Surely

What I've Been Doing To Keep Myself Sane During Spring Break
Proof That Occasionally I Finish A Project
Laundry Room, Part One

Remember these from out in my garage?

That found a home in the laundry room?

And how I said that the whole thing needed a little love?

Sometimes tough love is the best.

Those doors?

Beyond repair. So out to the curb they went.Then I cleaned out my scrap wood section (yeah, like I really have a "section") in my garage to reface the front.

Scrap wood = all the pieces don't match.

But that's okay.Those gaps?

That's okay too. That's what caulk is for...See....all better.And now my hall closet is free of craft junk and can breathe much easier.

Cost? Zero dollars.

Just about perfect I'd say. Just don't look underneath...


  1. Well I just love it, esp the underneath:) Super good job...again! Is that raffia cream? :)

  2. You seriously need to start a show on TLC! So GREAT! Love it!

  3. 1. wow - that is a great transformation
    2. when are you teaching a miter saw class for enrichment?
    3. genius! craft storage in the laundry room!

  4. Great job! I love seeing all the before pictures. The 'after' looks so good!

  5. Will you please come to my place and help a Sista out?! Great job lady!

  6. Simply a-maz-ing. You are one talented lady.

  7. Forget Disneyland. For our next family vacation, we're going to the Wisors.

  8. That looks incredible! If only I was lucky enough to have an inside laundry room!

  9. okay you should officially apply for a job on design on a dime. you are too crafty for words martha.

  10. A little paint and everything looks new! Love it.

    Of all my "things" I left in the U.S., I miss my miter saw the most!

    I get my "fix" from reading your blog. Keep it up.

    By the way, is that what you do? Fix up your house until it's PERFECT, then find a reason to move? :)

    Just wondering.

  11. Ha!! Love the last photo showing the underneath! Great job, it looks great...

  12. Now I'm wondering why in sam hill I threw out all my old kitchen cupboards! BAH!

    This looks great!

    Now, if you could serve ultra busy bodies like me and be just a touch less vague on your titles, (totally pleading here..) I'd have more time (like 7 months needed I'm sure) to go through the rest of your bloggy network. I want to see it all! You do amazing work that is VERY inspiring!


  13. Love this makeover! Who cares about the underneath if no one can see it? :-)

  14. lol- love the honest under shot. :) Looks so modern now- what a difference!! A free update- what could be better?

  15. It looks amazing! And a free project is always so nice - no expensive trips to the hardware store and you clean out your old scraps! Great job on this!


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