Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Prime Time

Spring is on it's way. Which means, aside from all the annoying pastels that are filling up every store display in every store in every town in America and making me want to gag, I can distract myself with these beauties along our driveway...
and perhaps get motivated to finish some projects that have sat undone for months longer than they should have.

Like the staircase walls that I have to apologize for anytime someone comes over.

It's not totally obvious, right? You can't even tell where I stopped.....on the top or the bottom. I believe that's what they refer to as "flow" or a seemless transition. And I am workin' it.

Not painted yet, but it's getting all primered up (and no-not by him). Although that's a trouble face if I ever saw one. Who me? I'm not doing anything. Go ahead and turn around Mom....I know better. I won't touch a thing.

Along with this.I never was sold 100% on the black, which in translation means "I'll keep it until it drives me so crazy that one day I'll snap."

With primer, that is. And since it was already out...


  1. Of course something fabulous is coming. Two fabulous somethings.

  2. Any time you want to come decorate at my house you are welcome to.

    Yep ... they were little gray and white booties. Not so white by the time the day ended.

  3. Love the stairs!!! Love it! Hate to prime. Good luck with that.

  4. I hate getting the paint out with kids around. FYI, lots of water and dishsoap and two hours of work will get half a gallon of paint out of carpet. It will always be a little crusty in that spot, though.


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