Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nothin' To Get All Worked Up About, Leslie

The good thing about little projects is just that: they're little.

15 minutes to go from a funk looking wood tone

to a distressed black, which never really jived with me.

But that's okay, because after hating it living with it for awhile I could take another 15 minutes andchange it to white.

It was meant to be white. Things are right in the universe once more.

(Oh yeah, and I finally figured out how to move the clock without the use of concrete anchors or power you hear the angels singing? They totally are.)


  1. K, really sad. I was on the phone browsing your post and eventhough I KNEW it had to be a before and after, I didn't see the difference until I read the post! See how details are so lost on me?! I will really need your help when/if we finally buy here in TX.

  2. They really are. That last pic you had with the primer slapped up over the black... it was like a Days of Our Lives friday cliffhanger. I'll sleep better tonight.

  3. Love the pics up there too:) How's the sitting:)

  4. Since we are on a first name basis now, it looks awesome. So the reason I was so anxious was because I was sure you would not go white. Only because you recently got rid of it in the bathroom because you hated the white. I just could not imagine what other color you were going to do. I think I will sleep better tonight.


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