Friday, March 20, 2009

Laundry Room, Part Deux

As March (shelving) Madness continues, we find Rebecca still in the laundry room.

Unfortunately -for the family- she is not actually doing laundry.

Yeah, so what else is new?

But she will helping out an empty slanty corner thing above the washer (and under the stairs, hence the slanty part).

Voila! A perfect little spot for unmatched socks ("We're on the island of mis-fit toys....") Better, but somehow lonely.

He needs a top bunk. And a coat of paint.

Folks, we officially have a corner with a purpose.

No hardware on the cabinets yet, since the paint is still drying.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Everyone knows that paint belongs in "Part Three" (dun dun dun).


  1. You are increibly crafty. I wish I had the guts, and the creativity, to pull something like this off. It's awesome!

  2. Did that take guts? I think you used some wood and paint, but no guts:)

    And Kennedy would watch Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer everyday of her life if I didn't hide the DVD. Ha!

  3. Just a lurker here to tell you that I really admire your ability to just do. I have lots of ideas about making my home more liveable but I chicken out, particularly if it involves paint. You inspire me!!

  4. I love this and your previous laundry room project. It's amazing what white paint can do, as your fireplace mantle shows us.

    My laundry area is in sore need of shelves for all the paint cans and tools I've accumulated. I finally hung one up but I haven't put anything on it yet. I'm afraid I'll wake up one day to find that it's fallen down and there's paint everywhere.

  5. I love your "corner with a purpose"!! That was hilarious to read. And very smart of you to put one in. I wouldn't have thought of that.

    You're soooo stinkin' crafty. I love seeing what you do!

  6. I found your link on Becky Jones page ( I am her cousin). I loved reading through all your past projects. You inspire me to reuse many old and still worthy items of dated furniture around my home. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  7. Now, that was a fun bunch of past posts to read. Totally fascinated by your crafty craftsmanship. I will just keep my parasite alive and breastfeed my life away!

  8. This whole time I thought March Madness was a basketball thing, imagine that. Too bad you don't live in Fresno anymore. Donnie works at a place here that sells kitchen & bath fixtures & whatnots. I could imagine you never leaving...

  9. can I ask what you used to paint your laundryroom cabinets? Your cabinets (before paint) look almost identical to the ones in my laundry room! I'd love to paint them!


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