Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fallin' For Feria

It's been months since I last colored my hair {insert collective gasp here}

It's an addiction I tell ya...not only do I love playing around with color in my house, I have to have fun "painting" my hair as well.

And right now, I'm going to default mode, which means back to red.

I thought I'd try out Loreal's Feria Power Red line...."Ruby Rush".

Who really cares about the "ruby" business - they had me at "power." (mu-ah ha ha)

Before (complete with slept on homeless hair) AfterRed is notorious for fading, so we'll see how it's holding up in a week or two. Right now, lovin' it.

Who says you can't buy happiness in a box?


  1. Holy Reddness! But I love it... I too have a soft spot in my heart for a good Red color.. by I usually do chunks of red with my base as dark brown... Way cute!

  2. OH.MY.GOSH.I.LOVE.IT!!!! Absolutely gorgeous. You need to buy some of that red stuff that you use when you wash your hair. It helps keep the color from fading, that's what I do ;)

  3. Ruby Red...wasn't that a soda? Looks fantastic!

  4. Love it! I need to start covering up my gray but too lazy to do it just yet.

  5. Redheads do have the most fun. ;)

  6. Love the RED!!!! The POWER red, that is!

    Just doing a little catch-up with your blog. :)

  7. I've always believed you could buy happiness is a box. My box just happens to have chocolate in it.

  8. AHHHHH! The memories.... When it fades.... just teach Sierra what Kool-Aid is really for! Yep, Lots of memories..... good ones. Love the Red, Black, Blonde and Dark Browns with and Without the Mahogany Tints.

    Have fun!


  9. i love it!!! funny i just said to mauricio the other day "what would you think about being married to a red head?" i am just a bit more chicken. i must admit i do love my blonde hair. you need to change your facebook profile pic to the "after" shot.

    and i am glad that you painted the cabinets in your bath black. much better. too much white can be bad for your health.

  10. Can you PLEASE change the picture of me to something that wasn't a long time ago?
    Something that actually looks really GOOD?/?

  11. I loved it! I've been red, blonde, frosted, brown, and finally gray. My favorite was red.

  12. It looks awesome. I think those color preserving shampoos do help with the reds.

    I keep meaning to dye my (blonde-ish) hair dark brown and from there go to red, but I'm kind of lazy, and we just remodeled the bathroom so I know I will drop a bunch of dye on the floor whenever I do finally get around to it.


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