Monday, March 23, 2009

Back To Normal

Yep, Spring Break is over.
Back to school....such a beautiful thing.

Although we did enjoy sleeping in (okay, Sierra mostly)

and the mid 70's all week, making it perfect park weather
and the news that despite failing his school eye test TWO TIMES, Jordan doesn't need glasses just quite yet.
("Good, cuz I wasn't gonna wear dumb ol' glasses anyways!")
Then, of course, you have all the naughty fun (isn't that always the best anyways?) like stealing mom's camera
and sleeping on the couch when nobody's looking (a BIG NO-NO).
And the forts. Oh yeah, the forts. Inevitable, I suppose.
They always start out innocently enough
(notice the "cheater" wall has been fixed)...
and they'll even claim they're strickly for health reasons
("I only want a fort so my humidifier can help me better". Blasted croup.)
Indeed, all fun and gamesuntil the entire room is taken over, leaving no room to walk.
Every. Single. Day. (I think this is fort #548).

It's at that point I've had enough and declare the "no more forts to be erected" rule which, as Sierra in her best I told you so voice reminds me, "that's what you say EVERY time."

Well, this time I mean it.

Cats - that goes for you too.


  1. That is a VERY impressive fort. Weren't you even just a little bit tempted to join in? Next spring break, I'm comin to your house!

  2. You must be sooooooooooooooooo patient.

  3. Soooooooooo patient. Emjoy the forts. I miss those days. Maybe my grandchildren will want to make forts....

  4. I've always loved my kids making forts. I like to see their imagination and it keeps them busy for a long time.

  5. Just to be a fly on the wall... it would be so entertaining!

    Love the circle light!

  6. Isaac saw Jordans picture at the eye doctor, and he said..HEY thats my Doctor... hahaha, can you tell that is our second home!

  7. glad to see that my house isn't the only fort infested one during spring break! we start ours tomorrow and i am waiting for the enevitable questions "mom, can we build a fort to sleep in?"


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