Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Anyone who been following our (mis)adventures, knows that this last summer we bought a new house.

And when I say "new" house, I mean new to us. Which is exactly what we were looking for.

Mature tree lined streets, charm, history....and oh yeah, the other stuff that comes in the old house package: outdated lighting fixtures, alot of paneling and offensive wood finishes.

Functional? Yes.

Ugly? You bet'cha.

Here's the master bathroom two days after we moved in. I know- gorgeous. You could actually see the streaks from the oil they used on that wall. Ew.

I envisioned the paneling painted out white and giving the vanity a coat of my good ol' stand by black paint. But my dear sweet husband somebody suggested that I "do something different."

It's true. I am a creature of habit. I love black, and in almost every home that we've lived over the past 13 years, the bathroom vanities have reflected that love affair.

Fresno, CA (no photos because I never took any....)

Mesa, AZ: (note the same flowers, Kristi? I've had my "props" forever)

Eagle Mountain, UT:

So I agreed to paint it ALL white, because 1). it would be a change and 2). it would keep everything light,bright and cheery.


I need a little more substance, a little more weight...

a little more black.

And this weekend I finally gave in.


  1. Well... I love it. By the way we're gutting the bath and tile in the kids bathroom next week and we're SO excited! Pics the follow of course. We're pushing that shower head up a few feet for when the kids are 6'5" and we're still living here because the world as we know it has turned socialist. (I actually have no idea about anything political, but have decided the market may never recover leaving us here forever which is absolutely fine with me... as long and we dig a large hole in the back yard and call it a pool).

  2. I love black as well. I think it looks great!

  3. Much better black. "bright and Cheery" is over rated. Next time your in Clovis you may need to come by and help me spruce up the place. I am going to post some pictures of my living room and you need to tell me your opinion of what I could do to give it a little life. Thanks!

  4. Love what you did with the AZ bathroom, but seriously, a clock above the tub, SERIOUSLY?! Who wants to be reminded of time when they're relaxing in the tub? Do love that you re-use your items. I recycle things because I have to, not cause I want to (and they never really match) :) PS, I love how everyone wants your advice. Including me of course. When you get done at Crystal's, please swing by my place.

  5. wow. the black is SO MUCH BETTER than the white. sorry roger. black is back.

  6. Always give i to what you love! P.S. I love it too! Love your house and all you have done.

  7. much better. I love your projects. I'm about to move in a new to me house that needs some black paint on the vanities.....Instructions? Tips? Warnings? Please dish.

  8. Love it....and funny thing is that I'm in the process of painting mine black too. Problem is I can't seem to do it without my helper Aubrey in the middle of it all. So it's been sitting with one coat on half the vanity for a month now!

  9. I am soooooo copying you with my "Forever and Ever" bathroom!! I love this!!

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog. I read your suggestion about the fern to my husband and he got a good laugh at it!!

  10. The black rocks. Never change your taste. It is perfect. Why change perfection, right?

  11. Love the black...I'm with you on that color. I've always loved it, even when it wasn't the popular choice. But your bathroom looks beautiful, very classy with the black.

    What does your husband think now that he's seen both?

  12. Love the black. It looks like you came up with somewhat of a compromise. The wainscoating is white. It looks great.

  13. FYI: I teach old dogs new tricks about computers:

    Tony Holowitz

  14. I'm showing my hubs this post because he is beyond convinced I won't like painting our cabinets in the bathroom black. (Hullo? Apparently, he's missed the fact that our island in the kitchen is black and I A.D.O.R.E. it)

    Oh, and you used to live in Fresno, CA? Born and raised there! Although, now I'm a Clovis girl, through and through. You know...a whole two seconds away from Fresno?

    Love your blog. Stalking your blog. Seriously. I am.


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