Monday, February 16, 2009

Unexpected Bliss OR....

"My Fabulous Valentine's Day Present That I Bought For Myself Because Even Though I Didn't Want Anything I Couldn't Pass This Up."

That title wouldn't fit though.

We got a lot of things when we bought this house. The old owners had lived here 17 years, raised their kiddos, and were ready to downsize. Downsize. That's code for "be prepared for them to leave a lot of stuff because who wants junk when there will be no spot to store it anymore."

The things left in the garage I'm just now (how many months later?) getting rid of, but the "window treatments" were something that needed immediate attention.

They had to go bye bye.

And fast.

This floral number lasted less than 2 hours.

These roller shades on all the front windows (are you kidding me? Roller shades??) about a week.

And then there were these.

On all three bathroom windows.

Country curtains musta been having a big sale on dainty embroidered garbage and the old homeowners stocked up. Because nothing says "sanctuary" like scalloped edges.

The upstairs ones went directly into the trash with no replacement since that bathroom doesn't need anything at all.

I got some $2 plastic blinds and hung them in the hall bathroom.

But what to do in the master? I knew that I didn't want blinds since because of privacy (this window looks into the game room addition) they would never actually be opened. So as a temporary fix I took some extra fabric I had in my closet of shame fabric stash and threw this thing together, using the existing rod.

Not great, but hey - at least it wasn't grandma's doily.

And then......divine intervention.

While walking through Target I spotted a red sticker.

And almost cried tears of joy. When Roger called from work to see how my day was going, I informed him that he had just bought me the most romantic present ever.

"Cool - did I do good?"

"Uh-huh. You did real good."


  1. I'll just be the first to say, I LOVE it!

  2. I've known you long enough now to not be surprised at how creative you are, yet, you keep surprising me with where your creativity takes you. It looks wonderful.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day! That looks grand. You could take those scalloped edges from the other curtains and do something very creative with them. Let me know what!
    Napkin holders, place mats, doilies, a rag for your dog to chew on...the list is endless. Now, I must go take down my scalloped curtains.

  4. So, romantic to you is fake flowers and bamboo shades? You're way too easy to please! Next you're gonna tell us your children were concieved in a Target or Michaels store.

  5. Please come to me. For just a week. I will feed you and everything.

  6. Amazing what that did for your bathroom. It looks completely different. Love the flower as well. Very simple but really beautiful!

  7. Hey I'm new at this bloging thing, my wife shelley is the one who set up ours, I saw that you visited ours, and thought I should check out what going on with your family. It's good to see you and your family doing so well. I question do you live in Texas or Utah im comfussed

  8. Fabulous find!

    Okay, about socks. You're right. They are a nemesis. It's taken me years to come to what I think is the best solutions... you can tweak as you see fit. I'm so thrifty that I only think about handing things down... except if you do that for socks you have hundreds of pairs, or not pairs that accumulate. HUNDREDS. This year I told each kid they would get 12 socks. I marked the bottoms of the socks with their #, HUGE #'s. I also bought them different styles of socks. I also realized that socks are $6 per bag and it was worth my sanity to just buy new and scrap old when the supply gets old. Help? Thanks for stopping by!

  9. so NOT fair that you find these things! what a great sale and it looks GREAT!!!


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