Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Overdue....Way Overdue

Saturday was Sierra's birthday. (You know, Sierra. My oldest. My first baby. My only girl in this house full of dumb stinky boys.)

And there's no slide show thanks to our dumb-puter. Piece o' crap. It won't stay on and import/edit/upload to blogger for more than 2 minutes.

Or I should say that there's no slide show yet.

Because we all know that it's not a proper birthday without a slide show.

Even it it takes me a week, so help me, there will be a slide show.

So Sierra will just have to wait to celebrate. Maybe another Blues Clues party?

I don't think she'd go for it. That's like "so 1999."

Whatever. It's never been the same without Steve anyway (sorry Joe).

She's posted photos of her slumber party over on her blog. But she didn't post this... The new man in her life. Simon.

He's the same age as Sydney and the two of them hit it off within minutes and play all day long. At least, when he's not zig-zagging in front of my feet trying to make me trip, climbing on my head anytime I lay down on the couch, walking back and forth across the computer keyboard, or trying to climb into my cereal bowl to get to the milk.

Camden says that he hopes Simon and Sydney get married.

I hope that he's a gentleman and can keep it in his pants until we get them both fixed.


  1. Beautiful Grand-daughter. Looks like the cat fits right in. You said that he walks on the "computer keyboard", perhaps he is smarter than you think! When did you say that your computer STOPPED working properly?

    Can't wait for the slide show!



  2. Happy birthday to your daughter! Isn't it sad how fast they grow???

    Thanks for letting me stop by!


  3. You have time to "lay down on the couch"? Sounds like you need a hobby, or another kid :)

  4. I can't believe Sierra is so grown up. Elle is really into Blue's clues right now and we love Steve. I'm glad to hear we are on the same page.

  5. I don't know which Blue's Clues is Steve or Joe, but I definitely prefer one over the other. (Just can't remember cause Thomas the Trains has completely taken over!)
    Sierra is beautiful Happy Birthday to her!

  6. happy birthday to the "big" girl. i remember we had one of those blue's clues parties one time too! and i agree, it's just not the same since steve left. congrats on the new cat too! how cute he is. is that simon after simon cowell?

    hope she had a great day!


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