Monday, February 9, 2009

Nothin' Sexier

...than my man.

With his drill.

Doing something for me.

Okay, let's be real. He's maybe gotten to use this thing twice since we moved in last summer.

I don't think he minds too much that his wife is better with a miter saw/jigsaw/circular saw/tile saw/fill-in-the-blank saw than he is.

Oops-did I say better?

Not better.

"More familiar".

On a first name basis, shall we say.

If there's a project going on, his part is to step around my "work zone" (which is a nice way of saying the whole house), bring home dinner in case I forget that the children need to eat, and to tell me what a good job I did when I finish.

Hmm...that last part he's still working on....

But today I made him he expressed his undying devotion to me by removing this.

'Cuz I had some plans for this thing in the garage.

Everyday for 8 months I've walked by this "shelf."

Doesn't it look like a set of bass ackward cabinets? It sure does to me.

Only one way to tell: take 'er down.

But, being that is weighs more than 5 pounds, I needs me some man muscles. And since the most muscle-y man I know had the day off from work and it was halftime on the Madden football game he was playing...yeah, you know where this is going.

First, I had to clear off all the random crap.

Did I say crap? I meant pee.

(A leftover from the former home owners. I would make a comment that begins with "you know you're in Texas when", but all my peeps in Eagle Mountain probably have this vintage in their garage too. )

But I digress.

Back into the laundry room to secure a brace.

Then move laundry baskets/laundry that should be in a basket/dog crate/ironing board/pooped on comforter so that we can "hang and secure."And just like that, more storage.

Oh baby, it's like Christmas day.

Okay, so it might still need a little sprucin' up (ya think?).....

but for now I'm just calling it rustic.


  1. I started laughing just with the post title! Great eye! Love the rustic... too bad there's no "rust" or are there some rusty nails in there somewhere with fox pee:) I'm just lovin the swoopy, swoop on the bottom too, it's so grandma-doily. Oh... now's the time for some purple! My advanced vote is purple!

  2. Here is something pretty lame. I could tell you what that fox urine is used for. One of the MANY benefits of being married to Christian. Oh yeah. Anyhoo, don't throw it out. That's good stuff. And don't spill it! Like 50 dead skunks.
    I anxious to see the "after". Don't leave us hanging too long.

  3. Ok, I need to know what fox urine is for, we have cats using our dirt as their litter box and it is about killing us right out! I have heard of coyote urine, but is that what fox urine is for as well?
    Glad your man could feel manly and help you hang some 'rustic' uh stuff.

  4. can you send some of that sexy over here to build me some shelves? but only if they include a free lifetime suppy of fox urine! (trying to make us believe that was from the previous owner is pretty funny!)


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