Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Music's In The Blood

Future Drum Core, early 1999
(see Liz, I told you that little girls look like ragamuffins 99% of the time.
Or maybe it's the basting brushes...)


  1. Ack, do you know anyone in a corp? My hubby wrote the music for one of the big ones for years. You rarely hear them mentioned so I had to ask!! Cute pics!!

  2. What's funny is my kids don't hardly play with the pots and pans. I think there's something wrong with them. And to me she doesn't wven look like an orphan. Maybe it's not so bad when they're not yours:)

  3. You misspelled his name, it's RiCkman. Gotta add the C!!!!!

    And you got my breathing to stop for a second before I read the last part of the comment. Thanks a LOT!!!!! I'm not THAT stupid! Oh, wait. I totally am.

    And who said YOU could post a retarded scraggly ragamuffin little girl picture of MEEEEE on YOUR blog???


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