Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Little Late

Since Camden's due for his birthday post this weekend, I had to get crack-a-lackin' on unfinished business leftover from January. Because Sierra's birthday also marks the beginning of my new role as a mother (ME? Somebody's Mom?), it's funny to look back and see how, in many ways, the two of us have grown up together.

I still remember being released from the hospital after having her and thinking, "That's it? I haven't got a clue about what I'm supposed to do with a baby, and they're just going to let her go home with me??"

No tests to pass.

Nobody to make sure that I wouldn't break her when I got her dressed.

Nobody to tell me when I may, in fact, be doing something wrong.

I can still remember the first night...when she wailed nonstop....Roger and I just looked at each other and whispered, "What the heck were we thinking? Did we really think that we could do this?"

Eventually she settled into a schedule and then a week later- BAM! A brand new schedule. The beginning of 3 months of colic, where the screaming would begin like clockwork at 4pm and last until after midnight. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

But somehow we made it though. (Prozac, anyone?)

By 4 months our little Sierra and her big personality began to emerge...the happiest girl on earth to a cranky little stinker; no in-betweens. Uh-oh. Just like her momma.

And now, a young woman.

Still a drama queen.

Still forever giddy or as irritable as they come without much in the middle.

She get's so mad that I always seem to know what she's up to, and it's no big mystery: it's the same thing that I was doing at that age. Scary.

Sierra, you have brought me so much joy (okay, and a few of headaches too.)

I love your never ending creativity.

I love your wit and your charm.

I love that you are so mature, and the best built-in babysitter we could ask for. If you can deal with these 4 boys, ain't nothin' gonna stop you.

I love that you're so gentle with Brendan, and can keep him happy when I need you to.

I love that you are such a good example for the other 3 stooges. (Jordan, Camden, Hayden)

Most of all, I love that I get the blessing of being your mother.


  1. Wait..did I just walk into a Hallmark card? Where's my kleenex?

  2. Thank. You.

    Hey, wait a minute....

  3. Your birthday posts are MUCH sweeter than mine. How did that happen? I like what you said about growing up together. That's what makes our firsts so special. And the guilt of knowing they had to be our test dummies. I would say that- Rebecca had a Rebecca? Well I think that is great because you're a wonderful gal. Okay, I got sentimental. Upward and onward. Shake it off.

  4. Happy Birthday Sierra! She looks so grown up. How does that happen anyway??

  5. What a sweet video. I had much the same feelings when we brought Analee home. Thank you for sharing how you feel about Sierra.

    P.S. I fixed my blog. Thanks again for the heads up.

  6. That was really sweet, Ashlynne reminds me of her even at 1. sweet and happy as can be, but she can get pissed off in a mili-second! I sure wish one day we could all meet, it would be so much fun!


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