Friday, February 27, 2009

Good Fences Make NO Neighbors

I admit it.

I don't always like to be social.

Especially when it's 7am and I'm doing dishes and may or may not have a bra on.

Which may or may not happen daily more often than I'll admit.

So the fact that the view from our kitchen window was this...

caused me a bit of anxiety. Okay, a lot. Anytime the neighbors would be in their house with the blinds open and I would be looking out mine, well, you know...I have to do the whole I'm-not-trying-to-look-into-your-house-I'm-just-doing-the-dishes-and-I-have-to-face-this-direction-to-do-them-and-since-our-house-is-on-a-hill-above-yours-that-involves-seeing-into-your-life-which-believe-me-I-really-have-no-interest thing.

All nonverbally, of course.

The story, as always, is much more involved, but that's a whole other post, and due to the fact that this blog is public...well, I'll just leave it at that.

And don't leave "why don't you just shut YOUR blinds?" comments because I. NEED. LIGHT.

(Clearly at any cost.)

But, guess what's been going up this week to enclose their side yard? (insert dramatic music here)Apparently the feeling was mutual. Sure, they said something about "increasing their yard by 50%" and "somewhere for the dogs to play" BLAH BLAH BLAH. Deep down, we know that's all applesauce and frankly I don't care anyway - I'm busy crying Tears. Of. Joy.

Instead of wanting to frost the glass,

these blinds will be open from now on. Did I say blinds?

Oh no, a view this beautiful deserves something much more interesting than blinds...


  1. And I heard your neighbors say just the other day "oh, finally we can keep those wild wisor kids and their peeping mother out of our yard!!"

    Can't wait to see if you decorate that fence...looks a little sterile to me.

  2. Congrats on the birth of the new fence and your bra-less freedom! Woowhooo! IKE knocked down most of our fence as well as left a tree on our house. We are finally ready to start working on the fence so I too will have a nice fence to view soon!

  3. Ooh, what a teaser! I can't wait!!! I would hazard some guesses but I can't think of any. I have no imagination.

  4. Ooh, what a teaser! I can't wait!!! I would hazard some guesses but I can't think of any. I have no imagination.

  5. Now your kids will really get a work-out... they can go practice climbing the poles to get to the top of the fences to say hi to the boys next door! I think the options are endless for your side of the fence. Can't wait to see what you come up with. I did notice that the trees are on your side... have you thought about taking them down, or are you going to leave them?



  6. That's a pretty nice fence.. I have the opposite problem here.. our neighbor's house sits above ours and therefore above the fence UGH!

    BTW- I can't believe Hayden is going to be FIVE!! I just had him in nursery. Well Gracie will be 2 in July.. so that'll be perfect. We'll have beautiful grandbabies LOL

  7. Ok I think the fence is ugly, but way better than the neighbors. What's awesome... they didn't even ask you to pay half!

  8. I have that same issue (you had) in my bathroom. MY bathroom with a window as big as me facing directly into my next door neighbors upstairs family room because a light fixture in our bath went out months ago (I need some light) but it's more than replacing the light bulb or doing that little thingy outside to switch the switch but needs to be looked at by an electrician which is something that in our household we will get around to in about 10 months because we just deal those things because we're kind of lazy and we have a habit of just getting used to it until we don't notice anymore. So I play that game with my neighbors. I keep parusing the net/youtube for any cell phone photos or video of me naked and pregnant in my shower. It's like who's gonna make the first move. I'm hoping they will just get so disgusted by me they will fill in their fence. Before I call the electrician. I'm right. Right?


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