Monday, January 5, 2009

My First New Year's Resolution to post photos of my siblings on their birthday. Photos that hopefully a) they haven't seen or b) if they have seen, they probably don't remember. Just to bore you for my own entertainment and, of course, to make their day.

So it's a day late, but happy birthday Liz!

The middle child (I thought all that middle child garbage was, well....garbage, until I had 5 which gave me a middle child. And boy is he.)

I looked hard and long (that's what she said) for photos of you and was trying to figure out why you're missing for years from the family photos....then I realized. Oh yeah, remember? That whole mission thing. Duh.

Anyhow, thanks to your facebook profile I have this: (and unlike Sierra I don't think the glasses look weird. Seriously, she's almost 12. Everything's weird to her.)But do you remember this? (that's her in the red) On a little day trip up to Kings Canyon. Probably the only time you'll see me smiling in the snow. Yuck. And speaking of yuck, what the heck is Benjamin doing? And do you remember this? One of my most prominent memories of you growing up: your "tanned on" tevas. I guess living in California it's cool. What's not cool is how much darker you could always get than me. And how come my legs don't look like that anymore. So uncool.

(Isn't that Jennifer on the left?) You can check out her family blog here.


  1. hahaha!! nice! ya, i dunno what i was doing... my guess is that u had just shoved snow down my shirt or something. ya, the tevas definitely have to be to most prominent memory of liz! haha

  2. What a great resolution! But aren't you a little worried about the secrets they might start to reveal about you? Nice legs!!

  3. Okay it is time for the revelation... we went to high school together, I taught your brother (what seemed like forever forever ago). oh and that is Jennifer Glazebrook and I am not really a stalker.

  4. Thank you for sharing.My new Year resolution include to report victories over victories,not to depend on any one and not to find faults in others,pray for the absolute happiness ,peace all around.

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  5. What a great birthday treat! I love old pictures!

  6. HA! Love it!!! I just took a pic of my toes for my tomorrow post... stay tuned to hear what the knee doctor had to say bout them toes:)


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