Monday, January 19, 2009

Day Off

No school today.

Usually something that makes me grumpy.

There's nothing I hate more than being woken up to kids fighting at 6:30am on a day that there's no school. Okay, there's a few things I hate more, but I can't think any at the moment.

But today, heaven was smiling and allowed me the luxury of sleeping in. Ahhhhh...

Didn't even take a shower until 3pm. Of course you know what that means: someone would have to drop by so that my laziness would be revealed (sorry about the no bra thing Cheryl. You really should call first).

I told the kids we'd go see a movie if they helped clean up the house.

No worries about them following through on that one.

"It IS clean, Mom! Pretty much."

"Yeah -I did the dishes before you woke up! That's why you didn't see me."

"I cleaned up MY STUFF already.""You don't have to even tell me to collect all the shoes. They're all put away." Are all children blind? Or do I need to take them to some kind of specialist?

Why do they think just because they shove all their clothes in the drawer that their room is clean?

Putting clean (and folded) clothes down the laundry chute does not constitute "hanging up and putting away."

Wiping the crumbs onto the floor for the dog to eat doesn't mean the table is "done."

Pushing plates under the couch does not mean everything's "picked up."

Obviously, an intervention is necessary.

I need to get serious and have a whole day set aside to teach these children proper procedures:

dirty dishes go in the dishwasher,

dirty socks go in the laundry room, not on the floor by the couch,

scissors go in Mommy's craft closet...

oh yeah, the craft closet.

{hanging head in shame}


  1. Oh yes, out of the corner of my eye I see my son's messy room that he "cleaned" today. I also found a nice neat stack of clean clothes in his dirty clothes pile. He "thought" they were dirty. He must have started folding his dirty clothes recently. Or just like half of them.

  2. So Funny! You know Faith(12) loves to make a collection of clean and dirty clothes behind my bathroom door. She says it helps her get ready for school faster if her clothes are where she can find them. I am constantly after her to clean up her pile. I don't know why it bothers me so much its not like you can see it when the door is open all the time, (even when mom would like to pee in privacy for once)I just want her to clean it up. So I am going on and on and then I realize that I have an even larger pile of clothes on the floor in my closet. Hmmmm. Maybe if I picked mine up she would pick up hers. Right? Well guess what, The two piles are sitting happily on the floor never to be bothered with again.

  3. At least you got to catch a few extra zzz's. Does it make it worth it? Did in the beginning I am sure. By the end of the "cleaning session" I am sure your patience was long gone! I have pulled tanner's stash from under the bed time and time again. Just does not sink in.

  4. How did you get into my house? I really need to move the key from under the mat...

    You DID take those at my house, right? Because it looks JUST LIKE our messes around here.

  5. Unfortunately that is exactly how my husband cleans too!

  6. i am glad i am not the only person who's kids put CLEAN clothes in the hamper!!!!! ummm....when it is still on the hanger and i JUST put it in your room to be put away it is NOT dirty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Urgh. I am the daughter of a "pile-er" and then I married one.

    Why, I ask you? WHY?

  8. Your children and my children must share notes...

    And even worse? The whole "I looked, but I can't fiiiind it!" thing.

  9. Sing it again sista!!!! I though this disease only traveled through my little ones!

    Love the night stand in the previous post!


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