Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blast From The Trash

Remember the beast?

(otherwise known as the free cabinet I scored a la our neighbors trash pile).

Poor guy.

No love.

No affection.

Not a friend in the world.

Wanna come and play?

The most important thing in a friendship is honesty.

With some left over paint from this project and 2 new knobs (huh huh.......she said "knobs") from Lowes, he's got a brand new home.

Total Cost: $5.13


  1. love it! your hubby gets some serious bonus points for dragging this thing home for you - there are not many men that would do that for their crafty wives. my husband likes to steer me away from the trash haul off piles - why can he not yet see the potential in other people's junk?!

    hey, we have that pokemon stuffed bonsley in our house too!

  2. You are kidding me! You really do have the EYE for decorating and restoring! Lovely!

  3. Wow, I'm really impressed! Too bad my neighbors don't go throwing pieces of furniture out!

  4. Rebecca,
    Amazing! I am completely and totally impressed with your desire and your vision and your patience to work it all out and come up with a masterpiece.
    Way to go!

  5. Holy cow!! You never cease to amaze me!! That totally looks great!! Awesome job Rebecca!

  6. Wow! You are so talented! I can't do things like that. When I see an ugly piece of furniture...that's exactly what is is...I don't see anything more.

  7. Well I'm not impressed at all.. j/k I love it! I just love the red too, much cuter than the sign you got, but oh well. :)

  8. Love it! We have a dresser in the garage you would do wonders with... I think you might enjoy it too... has a detachable mirror.... more treasures waiting for love, patience and tenderness!
    Keep up the suspense and curiosity of new projects in the making!



  9. I LOVE your BLOG! You are AMAZING. And so inspiring.... I picking up some really old doors off craigslist to make a headboard....wish you lived close by for some pointers!

  10. AWESOME!
    I did the cutest refinish on a dresser and night stand for Maggie's room, but in my excitement to paint, I didn't take time to take a "before" picture. Not as fun to blog about a finished project when you can't brag about how bad it was to start with.

  11. seriously so jealous! not fair that you find that good stuff!!!!! we live by a bunch of rednecks so all we get is dirty old mattresses or TRASH!

  12. I'd call that a miracle makeover! It's just beautiful. I'm sure it is the envy of the trash to treasure fans all over the world!

  13. No Way! You work miracles and are a visionary doubt. Love it!

  14. I like what you did with the primer :)

    I Love the finished project more though.

  15. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! this is one amazing makeover, your husband has a keen eye. Looks fantastic!

  16. It looks like it came straight out of a fancy shmancy catalog.

  17. Awesome, I love it! Especially the red, my favorite color.


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