Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wrappin' It Up

After all the sweets ...
(I love how in this photo they all appear to be working happily together the way a good family should. That lasted about 20 seconds.... then it was "He's totally messing it up!" "Move your dumb hand out of the way!" "That's WAAAAAY too much- MOM tell him it's too much!!" "Mom said this is MY spot. Go somewhere else!")
The lights...

And the gift euphoria....

it's time to deal with the consequences of taking a break from real life for a few days.

Is it January 6th yet?

These kids have worn out their welcome.


  1. ha! that's too funny. i was just on my way to the laundry room/disaster area too!

  2. I am SOOO with you. I'm ready for my kids to go back to school. If I have to hear "that's MIIIIIIINNNNNEEEEEEEE" or "I'm telling!!!" one more time, I may just send them off to boarding school lol.

  3. I love your realness. It cracks me up.

  4. ummm... i thought i was the only one with a laundry room like that right now, but who am i kidding? school is out all over the nation. there are tons of laundry rooms like that everywhere!!!!! i am doing a load as i type this! and i can't wait to put away all the decor except the lights. i do love the lights! i could just leave them up like half of the people do around here. we'd fit right in! how is kitty doing?

  5. Wait a minute, is that for real? That can't possibly be real, no way.


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