Monday, December 15, 2008

More Holiday Hoop-la

I'll admit it. When I see something I like, I have no problem copying being inspired.

Although I disagree with Albert Einstein when he said that "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." I enjoy giving credit where credit is due.

Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick posted this neat-o cardboard box that she painted and wrapped in cellophane for a bit 'o holiday whimsy. Which got me thinking.... {insert brain ticking noise here}... Isn't that just what my little dollar store wedding tins needed?A quick google image search for a candy "pattern,"and then filled with peanut butter M&M's (they're better for you with the all that healthy omega oil and stuff. And least that's what Roger says),and a little clear wrap ON A CLEAN TABLE. This stuff is full of static and will attract every little speck of anything you lay it on. Hypothetically, of course.

My table is wiped off after every meal so it's spotless just like the rest of my house.

Okay, so then some curling ribbon.

BLUE? Oh yeah.

#1 'cuz it was between that and lavender in my gift wrapping closet that's so crammed full of junk that everything falls down anytime I try to pull anything out and if I had more colors I wouldn't be able to find them in there anyway supply. And #2 'cuz it will go with the table. Yep.

Eight of these...layer perfectly on top of the fun dip at each place setting for my table at the church dinner party. And yes, those are bubbles.

How can you have a proper party without bubbles? Recognize those sticks? The same ones that I stole last month from neighbors garbage pile. And notice my sexy table co-host who is there to make sure that I behave.

And to shush me when I'm being too loud.

And to let me know that I probably shouldn't blow my bubbles during the program.

Or musical numbers.

Or closing prayers. ******** And here are the bonus features. You know- the top secret behind the scenes look at the "making of..." or what was going on while I spent way too much time on made my favors...picture it: Sierra upstairs on her computer. Brendan pooping in the toilet (yay!) and then running through the house letting the leftovers from his unwiped booty fling onto the floor (boo!). Camden and Hayden "decorating" the table with ribbon they've found in my jar and all the scotch tape that I needed for gift wrapping... complete with dangling pipe cleaners and Star Wars action figure display, while Jordan heads up the construction of a fort which eventually ends up spanning two rooms, but even a fort isn't complete without holiday decorations (and more of my scotch tape). Because even an 8 year old boy knows that the magic is truly in the details.


  1. o my gosh! okay the first part was all creative and cute, but i swear i was rolling on the floor laughing my guts out when you got to the making of part! gracie couldn't quite understand why i was laughing so loud but it's because "i get it!". holy crap that was funny!!!!

  2. You really need to be on stage!
    You have such a way with words... oh I mean "real life"
    Merry Christmas... you inspired me to smile and be happy (on a ho hum day) because afterall that is what life is about!

  3. So creative my friend!!!!

    I to was LOL when I saw how your little ones were helping you decorate. So fun. Love the candy cane on the back of the chair.

  4. Truly awesome. That is all i have to say. The decor is great too, but I love the detail behind the making of the decor. If I clean the bathrooms, the rest of the house goes to 'pot'. If I cook in the kitchen, the living room becomes a fort with all collectibles from a little girl's overly crowded room.

  5. I really think this was my favorite blog of yours... I was totally laughing, wishing one day we will meet..hmmmmm!

  6. I LOVE them! They are itty bitty bitty!! So freakin' cute!! Ahh!

  7. I love how it turned out!... Isn't that table center-piece cloth the same one as a one of your "Throw pillows"? I can NEVER Throw away some of the craft "stuff" it ALWAYS ends up getting used somewhere else.



  8. I have about 50 (at least) little black boxes left over from my wedding favors (because apparently it's only worth it to sell packages of 100's). I'm thinking I should send them to you to see what kind of magic you could work up. Did I mention the abundance of bubbles as well? You let me know...

  9. Okay, now I feel a little better. This Christmas I got inspired and started making all kinds of gifts. I almost drove myself crazy trying to figure out how to work on my projects without the whole rest of the house falling apart. Now I know how you truly get things done, Just Like ME! My house is so totally falling apart, but I made some awesome gifts!
    Your table decorations are so cute maybe I can steal the idea for our Christmas Open House next year!


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