Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jade 5

Yes indeed.

Laura Ashley Jade 5 stole my heart.

#1 because it's not anywhere else in the house and #2?

It's not anywhere else in the house.

It came down between this and a lime green. And I let Roger choose the winner.

I just love it when he picks the color that I like the most gets involved.

And since it's gotta stand up to our calm, angelic, well-behaved children, I made sure I followed the rules.

Sanded... Primed...and in the end, this lady... is much happier like this. I know. She told me.She also told me that she'd be even happier if I swapped out 2 of her chairs for a pair she spotted in the other room. A bit too cute and country on their own, but all mixed up they'll do just fine. She's very pleased.

And speaking of pleased, I was (a little too) excited to see this in the alley next to our neighbors trash can. Can you believe they were throwing him away?? Okay, Roger could too. And he wasn't too happy that I was dragging him outside to help me move this beast into our garage at 11pm. In his slippers. Especially when I couldn't really see what it looked like due to the fact that... it was 11pm. Of course once I did see it, I still wasn't sure what it was...looks like there are some drawers missing, and the top is on a hinge and opens up?? No clue.

The dead leaves on the bottom are just a bonus.

But he's got potential.

And I've got paint.


  1. i've been waiting and waiting to see what you finally decided.... and wow. you did not disappoint! i love how it pops against the black chairs. and that browns/bluegreenish combo with black and white accents is my favorite right now. those are all the colors of my family room!

  2. How amazing that you take something so simple and make it into a "magical make-over". I feel like I'm reading a Stephenie Meyer book.... satisfy our curiosity (I too was wondering what happened to the kitchen table) and then turn around and draw us in at the very end of the chapter (end of the project) with a new "mystery".... Way to go Rebecca!



  3. LOVE the POP of color! You amaze me! Visionary! Can't wait to see what you end up doing with your neighbors trash.

  4. LOVE the green!!!!!! good idea! i am serious you need to move down here to help me out. not just with ideas but with the energy you have to do all of this! i have been reading way too much i guess.

    glad to hear that kitty is doing better. when i told mauricio about your bad luck he says "there is something WRONG with that situation." (not you guys but wherever you got the kitties from.) keep us posted.

  5. Hey grandma!..."can you believe what someone was just throwing away"!!!! HA! and we ALL do it!

  6. Hmmm, do you have A LOT of paint?
    Can't wait to see what he ends up being!

  7. I cannot wait to see what you end up doing with that. I don't think I would/could ever come up with any of this on my own but I love to just look. Just to see what I could/would do if I was crafty and creative.

  8. That movie was NOT to scary for me, I just got scared because of all the stuff I could put in my story and how scary it would be!

  9. What is that? Looks like trash to me.

    Perhaps if you painted it, it could be.... painted trash?

  10. Love the table, love your insanity! BTW, I have graduated from the mini paint roller, have you? I did another bedroom last week, too! I need the courage to paint my kitchen cabinets. After I did the bathroom ones, I just don't know if I have the skill/energy. Can you send some vibes my way? Kathryn


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