Friday, December 19, 2008

It's THAT Day Again

The last day before Christmas vacation.
The day that all the little ones come to school bearing gifts for their beloved teachers.
But with a dozen teachers/aides/blah blah blah just for Brendan alone, what's a poor mom to do?
Go to the Dollar store.
Guess why?
Everything's a dollar.
Even a pack of these:
that look all festive like with some paper scraps and filled with candy.
And for the rest, boxes of fudge-dipped Oreos.
The best part?
They come in their own box and my kitchen stays clean.
Relatively speaking.
And as a side note...

Mamma Mia -

here we go again...


  1. So you now have 2 cats? Seriously, what a bunch of softies, ha! But hopefully this will help with the loss of the other :(

  2. Cute teacher gifts! Not all of us have fantsy scrappy paper around though. You know 10 years ago (not only did I have a smaller behind) but I thought I'd be scrapbooking... thank the Lord for blogging or nothing would get done. What happened?

  3. Holy cow! if that's what your teachers gifts look like I'd love to see what your other ones look like! BEAUTIFUL!

  4. holy crap! two cats! they look cute! have fun with them. savannah would be jealous. she wants a cat so badly but alas, anything that sheds is not allowed inside the house. okay we let sarah stay in.

  5. Yay! A new kitty(ies?)!! And I just used those SAME boxes for my cookie exchange but yours look WAY cuter!!


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