Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's Raining Today

And oh how I love the rain.

But today it seems appropriate.

The gloominess that seeps in through our windows.

Yesterday, Severus, our new black kitty, seemed to be acting...a bit off. Mr. playful-jump-off-of-anything-to get-at anything-and-race through-the-hall-so-fast-you-can-barely-see-him hung out under the desk.

He's never stayed under the desk.

He's never stayed anywhere for more than five minutes.

By last night, he would barely move. We prayed for him and hoped that by the morning he would be better.

It won't be long now. To say goodbye again.

And our sweet Sydney. How would she deal with the loss of her brother?

It wasn't long until we found out.

This morning she began to throw up.

How could this happen again? Could whatever Neville had have left germs that were bound to be caught by any new arrivals? We wonder, but we also are accepting what seems to be inevitable.

Pray. Make them comfortable. And prepare to mourn again.


  1. why do you keep killin off the cats!

  2. You know, all these posts about your cats have been very helpful for me. We were dogsitting? a girls dog last week, an 11 year old girls dog, and it died at our house. Long story involving a coyote. We live in coyote territory. Anyway it definitly put a damper on the holiday spirit. It was just a sad sad week. For both of us. I feel a little better you are having pet issues also. I'm not being funny. It really has made me feel a little better.
    They did get a new dog but I don't think I will be asked to dogsit again.

  3. Awww that is SO SAD!!! Have you talked to the vet about it? Oh, I could cry. So sorry for you and your kiddos and I hope you will try it again. (From a cat lova.)


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