Friday, December 12, 2008

I Know, I Know

You don't need to say it - we're well aware.
And even after what happened before.

It was on Sierra's Christmas list.

And Hayden's.

And Mesa the dog's, from what Hayden tells us.

And there have been several promises made.
More than likely many will be broken.

But let's try this again.

Look at this face...
(and the condition of our wood ruler. Pitiful.)


  1. shut up, he is so stinkin cute!I want a kitten for our kids, but really with the amount of time we will be gone, it just wont happen, and also, the cat will just get beat up and pulled around and really just might lose his tail in the end just because of the tug o wars! Cute kitty though!

  2. holy crap! what is up with sierra's big feet? j/k. i don't remember having a big size 7 at 10yrs. i am just afraid now that her body is now going to try and catch up. please wait until AFTER christmas!

    okay what is with the kitty? sooooooooo cute! but that is one thing that will not come into my house!! too much hair!!!!! that is why we have a non shedding dog inside and all the shedders are outside! and yes they do sleep there and keep us nice and safe. if the dogs ain't a barkin' when someone tries to get on the property then there is something wrong and it's time to get out the gun! isn't that how y'all do it in texas too?

  3. So cute! They start out that way. Mine are shredding my carpet to bits! If they do any more serious damage they're outta here!

  4. Awww! What a pretty cat! Your new kitty reminds me of Hooker, the same color but she had more white on her face & her nose was pink. Does Sierra remember Hooker?
    I'm sure Mesa will love her new friend!

  5. Hey Rebecca! Cute kitten and dont mind Gwen. I hear she's actually looking for a new puppy herself this year for Christmas so that their other dog won't be so lonely. We should all pitch in! :)

  6. OH. MY. GAWD I am soooo jealous!!! UGH she/he is freakin' adorable!! ACK!!! I want him/her! We have three fat cats and every time I see an itty bitty one I just melt. jealous.


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