Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's Better Than Free?

I stumbled upon a link to this site that I must pass along: They've got PHOTO quality images that you can print up, frame and voila! Vintage images for the cost of the frame (unless you're like me, and have a bunch of those in a closet somewhere...)
Christmas is coming -
how about swapping out a framed photo for something seasonal
that can change back December 26...


  1. i'm totally using these things. i'm going to do a santa collage for the bathroom with the 4 vintage prints from this site. and i may even use it to do the upstairs loft empty wall. thank you thank you for sharing!!

  2. love your new banner too, by the way.

  3. that looks like a fun site! can't wait to check it out. love the new pic of you and roger! very nice.

  4. Your blog is so funny! I learned that we are a lot alike from your random tidbits post. I'm going to have to try the lemon sour cream pie...I always get the lemon double cream. Yummm. I also agree with you completely on the milk thing and the public speaking. I wish that I was the same as you with decorating! I'll have to print out some of these pictures!

  5. I need to start up your own business! You have ALWAYS been so creative! I love ALL of your ideas...thanks for sharing all you do! I want to try some of this stuff! I love your blog too! Always makes me laugh!


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