Sunday, November 16, 2008

Two Nights Of Nonsense

Roger and I joined Facebook a few weeks ago. Guess who we found? The best man from our wedding 13 years ago. Guess where? Dallas, TX. The last time we had seen him was 10 years ago in California we just had little Sierra and baby Brendan. And Justin looked something like this...
But now it's something a little more like this...
You can tell that the kids didn't give him any attention whatsoever.
6 foot 5" and a shaved head?
That's just askin' to be climbed on like a piece of playground equipment.
Jordan challenged him to a staring contest.
Hayden screamed at him to pour soda.
And when the screaming didn't work, Haydo thought he might be able to get some attention by pulling down his shorts, Spongebob undies and all, turn around and say to Justin, "Wanna see me shake it?" Sorry folks-no photos of that. Or his spanked booty afterward.
After all the excitement, the kids were disappointed that he had to go home to study for his national board exams that he was taking the next morning.
But Saturday night after his tests, he headed over again.
And this time the kids had come up with a plan.
Jordan was to remain hidden until the signal was given.Hayden was to keep Justin distracted by lying about his age.
Camden would be wearing a hat to keep his identity concealed and come out swingin' his light saber.Unfortunately, he put it down for a moment, during which Tony the Tiger thought it would be fun to try out some Jedi moves on the dog.Justin was a good sport and played like he had no idea of what was going on...but he had a plan of his own...Three little boys were caught completely off guard, and became victims of smashing, tickling...and being held up to the ceiling.
It was at that point that Camden quickly announced the games were over. Time for dessert.
A word so powerful that it can even convince Sierra to get off her blog for once.
It's painfully obvious that I've become a victim of Photoshop. Those silly kids. Y'all know that
I would NEVER eat this much ice cream. But this boy would. And this one.And these two.
and one would even let one rip and then ask for seconds.
Thanks for two nights the kids will be talking about for days, Justin.

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  1. Oh that's funny! What is it with tall people holding kids to the ceiling? Justin and his brothers do the same thing.


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