Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So Much More Than You Ever Wanted To Know

Thanks a lot Heather.
Seven random tidbits about me?
I had to ask around, since, quite frankly, I don't really pay much attention to things that I do...and if someone does it differently, then they are the quirky ones not me. Doesn't everybody...
* ALWAYS HAVE COLD FEET? Of course, during the summer I'm usually wearing sandals (hmm...wonder where the kids got that one from?). However once it turns cold, no matter how thick my socks are, my feet are always freezing. But don't let that fool you. If I'm warm at night, my first line of defense is to stick out my feet from below the blanket.
*ALWAYS HAVE A CRAVING FOR SOMETHING? Roger and I are always playing the "Do you know what would be really good right now?" followed by something savory like BBQ,

or something sweet like cheesecake or Marie Callendar's Sour Cream Lemon Pie. Alright, I need to stop - I'm totally salivating. (note to self: find out if there are any Marie callendars in the area)

And of course, anytime we do go out, it's tradition that I finish off everyone's veggies since I never get to eat them at home.

I remember that I had ordered a salad (with dinner, mind you) on my first date with Roger, and he made some comment about a salad being a "standard ordering procedure for a girl." I replied that he better bring it on - I could eat my full size salad and still go on to eat him under the table any day of the week.

* ONLY DRINK MILK WITH CHOCOLATE? We go through roughly a gallon of milk a day in this house, and I can assure you that it is NOT from me drinking it. I don't even like there to be any leftover milk after I finish my cereal. It's so yuck...unless I'm having a chocolate chip cookie, brownies, or any number of things that I should not be indulging in. Then it is a necessity. I have been know to turn down fudge if I know that we are out of milk. But I can only drink enough so that the taste of whatever it is leaves my mouth. After that, ew. It is indeed an art form to pour the perfect amount needed for whatever I'm eating. If there's even an inch left after the sweet taste is gone, I won't touch it.

* LIVE THE "BEST OF BOTH WORLDS?" Thanks Hannah Montana. I love dressing up, wearing heels (although it makes me self-conscious since it boosts me up to near 6 feet, and my husband is 5'8) and getting all girly, but day to day, comfort is king. I would say that I usually lean toward the tomboy side, and I can never walk past the men's junior section without seeing something I love...for myself. I hate pink, ruffles, bows and lots of foof, being perfectly content in my converse and jeans, but when the occasion calls to "get fancy" (as Sierra used to say), I'm there.

* GET THRILLED FOR CHRISTMAS TO COME? and then just as excited to see it all be packed up and put away. I am vowing to wait until December 1st this year to decorate, since I usually do it as a "happy birthday to me activity" mid-November. I love the lights, the stockings, the way it makes the house so cozy. And then, after a week or two passes, a bit TOO cozy. I start to feel suffocated and all the stuff makes my head throb. The second Christmas day is over, everything gets put away and I feel like I can breathe again. And every year I can't wait to do it all over again.

*LISTEN TO MUSIC THAT MATCHES YOUR MOOD? For the most part I'm pretty predictable, preferring happy sing-songy melodies (with extra guitar please), that are repetitive but not too repetitive- it's a very fine line. But some days I'm feeling a little more reflective or quiet and my music should be too...and please don't mix the two. If I'm feeling irritable, happy music makes me want to smash the radio into tiny little pieces. If the kids are screaming in the car, all bets are off and I hate to have anything on. No more noise. And off it will go.

*HAVE A FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING? I'm absolutely terrified. And yet, it's rare that I can keep my mouth shut. I'm a talker, and although at different times in my life I tried to be shy. Delicate. Mysterious. Nope, can't do it. But make me give a talk in church and I'll obsess about it for weeks. I enjoy talking to people, not at them, and I hate that, unlike in a sunday school lesson, you can't get feedback or somebody's experience when you're standing behind a pulpit. Not to mention my mind goes completely blank and I go off in random directions...hey, not too different than I normally speak, but with nobody there to pull me back on topic.

See, I told you I got nothing. I'm just like everybody else.

I tag everyone that hasn't done it and needs an updated post: Kristi, Melanie, Khristie, and Brandi.


  1. How am I supposed to update my blog, when I use all my designated "internet time" to read your posts?! Alright...I'll work on it :) P.S. Will you be attending the 12:01 showing of Twilight?

  2. Well, life is just so dull now without the occasional Brandon "pop in".
    Your house looks awesome. How do you finance your decorating hobby?

    Nice to hear from you. I guess I'll have to stalk your blog now too.
    Keep in touch :)

  3. O.K. I have the recipe for that CHEESECAKE! Do you want it?

    I bet you do!

    O.K. it's on www.skiptomylou.blogspot.com. It was posted today (11/12/08) or yesterday. It's so good.

    No need to thank me, what are friends for! :)


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