Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Power Of Observation

When we moved in, the downstairs hall looked like this...
I painted the doors and walls, but that's as far as I ever got.
At least up until now, when I finally couldn't take it anymore.
I won't lie - I'm dang proud that I tolerated it as long as I did.
So this weekend, I scavenged from all around the house
(indeed the cheapest way to decorate)
and came up with this, that will have to work for now.
But minutes after I finished, I heard banging in the other room.
What the heck is that noise?
And where did my hammer go??
Apparently Brendan got tired of this arrangement...
and decided hang things like Mommy does...
oh yeah, all the way down to holding the next nail in his mouth.
A very chapped mouth.
"Monkey see. Monkey do. Monkey get in trouble too."
C'mon, how could I get too mad?
Look at this masterpiece!
"Bird is throwing away trash."


  1. I just want to be the fly on the wall when he decides to do these things! HAHAHA! I love how he's a caged animal in the corner with his hammer. Should we get him a gift card to Lowes? :)

  2. holy crap! time to get out the spakle! how could you get mad? i think i would have to leave the room to laugh.

  3. I am with Liz, I would LOVE to see him while he is doing these things. I just have to laugh, I guess the alternative to crying!


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