Monday, November 10, 2008

Paris Trip

No, not THIS Paris... Paris Boone, who married Kasey Ryan from back in Clovis. When I heard that they were moving from Florida back to Cali, I let them know that they had a place to camp out on the way if they headed through Texas. Well what d'ya know - turns out that they would be going right through Dallas. And when I say "they" I mean "he," since Kasey, in a move that shows that she's still one smart cookie, chose to fly with the three kiddos instead of drive. Hmm, wonder why. So even though we didn't get to meet the whole fam, it was still fun to meet Paris. And I'll have you know, Kasey, that he wasn't one bit grumpy from travelling. And I thought that after a long day driving he'd want to go straight to bed, but instead we sat around and talked about his home...
what he likes to hunt...the first time he laid eyes on you...
his techniques for winning your heart...
and lots of other topics, which may or may not be appropriate for blogging about.
And can I just say that this man has obviously been well trained?
I walked into the kitchen Saturday morning to find this...DOING THE DISHES??
And smiling??
But little did we know he had more tricks up his sleeve.
After breakfast he fired up the lawn mower
and worked on the front yard...
then took out the trash so the boys didn't have to...
scrubbed the toilets...then got to work in the kitchen,
whipping up a gourmet meal for us to heat up for dinner."Enough!" I begged. "Surely you need to get on the road!"
He agreed, but made sure that everyone was happy before he pulled out.
A fresh diaper for the baby... and a quick dance with the cat...
and then he took off,
heading west towards the Golden State.
Paris, we can never thank you enough.
Hope you arrived safely.


  1. hahaha ur such a nerd-o. nice pics

  2. Love it!
    Nice personal photo. Your horns got longer!

  3. You just kill me. Ha ha ha!

    First, you listened well, because those pics of us meeting were spot on. And then...Well, our P-dog is a super hero apparently. So funny.

    He had such a great time visiting with ya'll. Thank you for having him. I'm jealous. :)

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