Friday, November 14, 2008

Free Follow-Up

Started with this image (ain't he cute? Not so much like this one...)Had a frame that wasn't being used, but it had a divided matte. I admit I have lots of crafting, but paper that's 15" wide isn't something I keep on hand. But leftover fabric from recovering our headboard might work...Then a piece of brown scrapbook paper. Bonus points since that paper's gotta be over 4 years old. Double bonus points since when I pulled it out, there was a pair of hands traced on the back. His happy new home. Total cost: zero dollars.


  1. Love it! When did all this craftiness happen? I must say I'm surprised. I THINK I could do that.

  2. I got on that website and started dreaming up all sorts of ideas and plans for my old frames. Thanks for passing it on. Also, your picture turned out fantastic!

  3. you were always great at making something out of practically nothing! Looks adorable!

  4. You have a picture of an armadillo in your bathroom. And it looks really good. You win.
    However, you do not win for that roadkill armadillo I couldn't help but link over to and stare at. Weeelll, I would have taken a picture too. The only armadillo I have seen while we have lived here is the wooden cutout one that decorates a neighbor's lawn during Christmas. He stands right next to the wooden snowman with a cowboy hat on. Yep. :)


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