Monday, November 24, 2008

The End Of The Aisle

Yep. That's where all the treasures end up. The lonely little end cap, that's shoved full of leftovers that have been marked down and picked over. I can never seem to go by without at least know, just in case. This fella was originally 39.99, but marked down to this:and then when I got to the register he was marked down 50% off of that. Yeah baby.
Came home, ripped out the guts, and gave the outside a new black paint job.
Sometimes you have to buy the book just for it's cover.
( husband should've used that line on me...)


  1. I wish I knew what that picture meant...but either way, I like it! When are you coming to Fresno, I have so much work for you to do!

  2. So I want to know what is this garden ridge store, and how do I get one? We don't have any of those stores here, and I am getting jealous everybody seems to get great deals there.


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