Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cast Your Votes, Part II

Okay, all my bloggy friends...what say you? This weekend I swapped around some furniture (I know, shocking) and this Craigslist find ended up in the breakfast nook.
It was just fine the way it is when it was Brendan's "work" table in the game room,
but now that I have to see it all the time, my sweet little lady needs some personality. The question is, how much? Right now she's blending into the floors, the walls, the's all a bit...well, brown. Who knew it was possible to have too much brown?

Not to mention painting it will cover up this ugly cheap stupid unique "wood grain" (did somebody in the factory get a hold of some pinking shears?)Keep in mind that white/cream (for the table at least) would be at the bottom of my list, since that was the color of the table we moved outta here. Let's just say that it wasn't the best color to stand up to life... color crayons, pens, empty popcorn bowls, corndogs sticks, back massagers in need of know - the usual.

What d'ya think?


  1. I'm thinking if it is a work table what about a chalkboard top and the rest black. Just a thought :)

  2. I immediately thought black! It will pop right out in the room! And if you wanted to do the chalkboard top, you can get black chalkboard paint. Can't wait to see if finished.

  3. What about picking up on the red in the pear picture on the counter?
    And really distressed. You know, beat it with some chains or something, and then a brown glaze to settle in the groves and sand the edges...

    too much? :0)

  4. Espresso. Or that obnoxious yellow color some people INSIST on painting their cars. You know the one. Paint it that bright yellow if you're feeling even a little rebellious. :)

  5. My first instinct said BLACK. It would really pop, goes with everything and I think would look great. HOWEVER, if you want more pop and color I would be bold and go RED (a deep red) and maybe accents of black.
    By the way, Im a newbie to your blog and love it. I also love your hairstyle!! I think my hair texture is probably close to yours and the colors are very similar so I was thinking about be brave and doing something similar.

  6. I have a black dining table and absolutely love it! Or, maybe just paint the top black and paint the legs/skirt of the table white/off white to match your cabinets.

    I think it would look awesome if you covered the chairs with a slipcover in a fun, colorful fabric.

    On another note, I am hosting a Bloggy Cookie Exchange on my blog, , and I'd love it if you'd join in! Everyone could use new recipes for the holidays, right?

  7. definitely black chairs. flat paint and distressed with rubbed stain on top. or super high gloss laquer.

    i'm stumped on the table though. i'd love to see it stained dark brown - like your wooden spoons hanging on the wall, but i don't think your pinking shears wood grain would look too hot that way. i really like mismatched table and chairs right now. you know - so they are not to matchy matchy.

    maybe leave the table alone and

    how about a mosaic tile topper.

    oooh! or a hand painted harlequin (how do you spell that word) pattern just on the top - to pull in the black chairs. black table legs. black and brown harlequin.

    let me think about this one some more...

  8. i don't know what the heck happened with my comment...

    my first idea for your table was to put on an oversized piece of glass top

  9. What happened to my purple comment?! I voted purple and had funny things to say about why you can't do black.

  10. i would do a deep red like kim said. that would be awesome. and then all the chairs a different color altogether. have fun whatever you choose!

  11. I think you are amazing and whatever you come up with will look awesome.

  12. Pennie's input is a modge podge or collage on there and then put a glass top. The glass might be a little pricey, but it won't rub off on the first cleaning.

  13. DARK coffee-ish brown with hints of black.

    ur welcome momma!!!!


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