Thursday, October 16, 2008

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

I'll admit it. I'm a compulsive rearranger.
I used to think there was something wrong with that, like perhaps it was a sign of deeper psychological disturbances. But I've gotten over that crazy thinking and realized that it's very simple: I just like change.
Anywhoo, this curse has also been a blessing. In the last 4 years, we've lived in 5 different houses. Okay, only four, if you don't count our 6 month renting experience. So things definitely get rearranged. And as much as I love things when I buy them, sometimes after you move them into another house, the spark fades. You realize that sometimes you buy a certain thing for a certain spot in a certain house. And then sometimes there's no room in the new house or, to be perfectly frank, you just get tired of looking at it. It's at that point that it gets banished to the garage, since I no longer have family in the area to pass it along to.
So, thanks to my good friend "Craig" and his "list," some of our...crap, er - I mean treasures, have moved on to better homes in the last week. Like...
This art was originally used to stage our house in Fresno.
In Arizona it went in the kids bathroom:
and then to the hall bathroom in Utah (along with the valance - thanks again, Nedra).
Because we had to leave these chairs when we moved,

in our next house we bought benches from IKEA that worked great with the wood floors.

When we moved here they just ended up outside (see, I knew I'd get fed up with them)until a few days ago when they got sold to a lady who runs a daycare out of her house.

I couldn't pass this up when I saw it at Pier 1 in Utah,

and it came home to be above our bed,

and then in the basement,and then here in our "music room" which we have since turned to an office. Time to say goodbye.

These fellas also got the boot. They had been painted red for our last house,

but had started out black (okay, technically white and I painted them black) above our pantry.
Roger was so happy to let this go. Perfect for our bedroom 3 years ago, and for a living room, but now perfect for a lady in Weatherford who couldn't be happier.
Thank you Craig.


  1. Rebecca,
    Your "stuff" is great. Neat that Craig helped you out. Did you make some bucks?
    About the X-back chairs, did you like them? Comfy ect. Did you paint them?
    I have questions and you have the answers....

  2. Well, I will have you know, the table Nathan just refinished, we bought black x-back chairs from Sweet!
    We are excited. It will be a cherry table with black chairs. Yes!

  3. i think its in the genes... i have it too

  4. YOu remind me so much of my mother. (Compliment.)

    And I, too, have a Craig crush. Don't tell Paris.

  5. I love every single picture! Definitely doesn't resemble the house I grew up in (single dad) at all. WOW. You are GIFTED!


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