Sunday, October 5, 2008


It's Halloween month, and I'm slackin' this year. Something about having only 4 trick-or-treaters come to our door last year has pooped on my party. So, in true slacker fashion, here's last years post until I get motivated. Did I say until? I meant if.

Haunted Helpers
Candy bars for the other boys teachers
(note the tacky glue that's still wet under the buttons.
Because I love to be tacky.)

"Vampire" by Brendan


  1. look at you, those are super cute! love the ideas and the felt bats are cute too.

  2. I'm so diggin' the wrapped peanut butter cups. You're so fun and fastive! Kids remember this stuff.

    P.S. Paris is driving (we're not daring enough to attempt to take a 9 mo, 2 yr, and 5 yr old cross country with no DVD player in a Honda Civic) and he just might take you up on your offer if he goes across N TX.

  3. Look how creative you are! I'm jealous. Happy Halloween!

  4. Those candy bars are so cute, very creative

  5. oh man, those candy bars are the cutest! and i'm totally stealing your bats in the window idea for next year. so easy. yet such a huge effect.


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