Saturday, October 25, 2008


I know, this isn't a recipe blog. But I had to share. In my quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, I came across this winner. It has all the qualities I've been looking for:
* nicely charred edges
*doughy undercooked center
*nice spreading ability which creates a 15 -cookie-in-1 effect. With the spreading also comes a lovely bonus of drippy cookie guts along the bottom of the oven. That way the next time you make lunch for the kids, you can enjoy the mingling aromas of fish sticks and burnt chocolate.
I think Bath & Body Works has something similar in their winter fragrance line.
After they've properly crusted onto the baking sheet, cut into recognizable cookie shapes, scrape from pan (making 2 passes with the spatula if necessary), making sure that they fold in half and parts fall on the floor for the dog to gobble up.

Let cool. I know. It's hard to be patient when they look this appetizing. My five food critics gave 'em a big thumbs up.

"I thought you said you were making cookies, Mom....what are those?"


  1. maybe you should enter that one in a baking contest!

  2. Those would NOT have lasted 5 minutes over here! I know they're not cookie shape, but they look GOOD! This from the same cook who "forgets" to cook the dough:)

    The mavericks... didn't know they were referred to as that. This month I'm in the Tom & Jerry bubble. Last month it was Tarzan- Care Bears:)

  3. I love your writing. You definitely have a talent for expressing yourself in words, and the decorating is amazing!
    May I suggest 1 cup of oat flour, for a double batch recipe (oatmeal mixed in blender until flour like), it will absorb some of the moisture and help the cookies hold together.

  4. Send em this way, I will chow down on them! Or what is left of them.

  5. I adore jacked up cookies. Really.

    I also adore your new header font. And Paris likes the cow picture. What can I say, he's a Southern boy at heart.

  6. P.S. I saw your personality test on Google Reader. I refuse to do it because I'm petrified I'll be Oscar the Grouch.


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