Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Give Up

Ohhhh...the gun case "situation." I have struggled with this mentally ever since we first saw this house. My first thought was to rip out the whole top part of the cabinet, leaving just the bottom part, which would be perfect to put the "big" flat screen on. But because of the way the room is set up, it would look akward to have the whole top half of that wall empty, aside from an overgrown tv. Then we thought maybe we could rip everything out and start from scratch. But it's a well made piece, and it really does fit the architecture of the house, and ...oh yeah, the effort and price tag that would be involved. So attempt #1 consisted of painting over the glass, which looked good, except for where there are trace amounts of leftover silicone, which the paint won't stick to. That got scraped off, and it's been like this for 6 weeks. And everytime we've had company come over, they would throw out their ideas which consisted of: "fill it up with some rifles" (from the men, surprise surprise) or "put a rod with some pretty fabric shirred on it and make it look all cute and country" (from Allison, who was almost banished from the property from using such obsene adjectives). Yesterday I was all ready to buy some wood to paint and "line" the inside of the glass with, so it would almost appear solid. The only catch is that I would have to liquid nails it on, since the doors aren't thick enough to screw into. Hmmm...that seems pretty permanent.
Then my dear husband, who, quite frankly, is just sick of me discussing something of such little importance, suggested contact paper. I told him no way would that work, since you would be able to see all the bubbles. BUT...maybe if I flipped it around and left the paper on....(insert the sound of my brain ticking here) Please note the precision used in the taping technique. Five minutes later (and no out of pocket expense, I might add)...
I just used the stuff we had under the sink...
too bad, because I could've gotten all classy and gone with a black and white checkerboard pattern, or maybe even a bright green faux marble.
That's alright. I think the masking tape adds all the sophistication I can handle.


  1. Rebecca,
    absolutely a genius. HGTV show Freestyle right?

  2. what a quick fix! and it was something you already had in the house. i love it when that happens.

    i know the "country shirring fabric on a tension rod" is not up your alley.... but did you consider some cool modern/retro/geometric/stripe kind of fabric - pulled tight and tacked to the corners inside the windows? i'm pretty sure candice olsen has used that one...

  3. oh come one you know you want to put up the country curtains!

    looks great! i love things that don't cost any extra money!

  4. Dang, I would've gone with the black and white checkers! We had some leftover from the people we moved in after. Could've mailed it to you!

  5. Buy some etching cream and etch the glass. remotes still work through it and it hides things. And it looks gorgeous!


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