Monday, October 27, 2008

Beat That

Made a family trip to Costco on Saturday.
Just to remind myself that there is nothing I love more than people
staring at the children, doing a mental count, and then asking,
"Are those all yours?"
But who has time to be getting irritated
when the sign outside reads:


  1. ya ya... well our costco is down to 2.67 now! =p

  2. whoa mama! that's cotton pickin' awesome!

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!! we are down to 2.50 and I thought ours was good... Lucky you!

  4. sooooo jealous! last week ours was still at 2.67!!! south florida is such a rip-off!!!!

  5. I just met a home school family today. The mom has a 1 week old baby, that is fine, but she had 7 other little ones in tote!
    Now, that's causing some head turning! Plus, I believe that calls me wimp! I sometimes really wonder if 4 is going to do me in!

  6. I used to get comments when I had 4kids. Now that I have 6 the comments have stopped. I guess they figure I am completely nuts and if they try to talk to me I might not be able to form understandable sentances. Why bother commenting!

  7. WHat?!! Did I tell you Justin and I are planning on mixin our own diesel:) I'm laughing, but totally serious... when I first asked how we mix our own diesel I asked, "so do we need like a big bath tub to stir it in?"


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