Friday, October 31, 2008

All Done

Another year over.

This year marked the milestone of our baby Sierra being old enough to ditch the fam after trunk-or-treating and go to an official party/trick or treating with some of her buddies (oops...BFF's, I believe is the expression) from church. And no, the hair isn't for Halloween. She decided that she's "done" with the blond thing and ready for a change. That kind of behavior most certainly comes from Roger ;)

For Brendan, dressing up means one thing : cat-in-the-hat. Every. Single. Year.

Jordan has spent the last two days having a tantrum about losing his precious light saber, and storming through the house this afternoon screaming that somebody must have stolen it. He didn't even seem to mind that we had friends over during his performance (sorry for the drama, Kathy). When Dad came home from work he saved the day by finding the essential Jedi accessory. Where? Behind the curtain in the kitchen nook which Jordan sheepishly admitted, "oh yeah...I forgot... that's where I hid it."

Camden spent most of his day clarifying to anyone who was, or might possibly be, mistaken that he was a shadow ninja, which apparently is much different than just a regular ninja on several levels. Who knew.

Hayden went through several costume changes over the course of the day: Pirate for crazy hat day at school, Bumblebee all afternoon at home, and tonight settling on a Power Ranger. Without the cape. Without the mask. Works for me.

Roger busted out the scrubs from last year. Quick, simple, and to the point, which is just the way men seem to like things.

I got to wear the wig from my teenage days that Grandma just sent to us which was perfect with the 80's garb from our infamous party a few months back. I got dressed up while Hayden was at preschool, and when I went to pick him up, his teacher had to literally lift him into the car; there was no way he was going with this lady that was clearly not his mother. I talked to him all the way home, but he stayed hunched up in a little ball, refusing to speak or to even make eye contact. Hmm, I might actually be onto something...


  1. your costume was the best. love the blond wig.

  2. Too fun. I especially like the bit about the light sabre.

    Will you email me? Dallas is on the way and P-dog could use a place to crash if you're ammenable.

  3. Seriously that would be perfect, Wizard of Oz is one of my all time favorite movies...


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