Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Woman's Work Is Never Done

Let me just say that it is BEAUTIFUL outside today. Not too hot and all the humidity that's been hangin' around the past few days has disappeared. We did get some rain (hooray!) from the remnants of Ike yesterday, but today is clear as can be. Not only is the weather perfect, but when we came home from church I got to sneak in a few chapters of my latest book (Eragon-thanks for the recommendation Liz), and then take a little nap. On my list of favorite things, that might have to be number 1. But it was cut short by Roger letting me know that the Bishop would be coming by in a few minutes. Hmm...what now. He asked me how my calling was going and if I was comfortable. A no brainer there. "Well, we'd like to add something else onto that calling and take you outside of your comfort zone." By putting me on the Enrichment Committee. HAHA. I don't think that he expected laughter in response. Are you kidding me? I quickly explained that, aside from piano, Enrichment is smack middle of my comfort zone. In fact, I'm pretty sure that there is some kind of comfort zone headquarters there. I don't remember the exact number, but I know that it was years that I was Enrichment Leader. And I've got the rainbow of colored tablecloths that are crowding my hall closet as a constant reminder (see- you never know when you might need something again). It's been awhile, but no matter, it's in my blood, and not actually having to be in charge makes it all the more fun. Roger, on the other hand, is feeling way out of his comfort zone, but I do love a man in a uniform...


  1. congrats on your 2nd calling. i am the enrichment leader here so if you get good ideas please pass them on.

    how do you like eragon? i LOVED it! but don't waste your time on the movie! it sucked!!!!! i have been trying to read eldest but alas, the library books must come first so i can return them sometime this century.

    i am so jealous of your nap today.

  2. nice pic! haha thats good times.

    oh by the way, just thought id let you know that we went to tahoe joes friday night. ya, dont worry. its still delicious! =)

  3. Rebecca
    Wow, I didnt think you would end up in the same spot when I told you to branch out and get out from behind that piano!!!! You will be great as usual!! Jane

  4. What fun callings. Especially since you are not the chic in charge. And, it is 4 x's a year.
    I think things will be getting tossed around here with our ward. So, we are screening all calls this week!

  5. Trust me, Enrichment Committee is way better than Leader... I swear that is the only Calling the Lord wants me to do... 4 years and counting.. ok well you can count a year break from my move, but put right back into it!!! Progressive dinner and Super Saturday.. talk about STREEESSSS!

  6. HA! I was half expecting the buttons on Roger's shirt to be holding on for dear life, and then I remembered, "oh yeah, he's never done boy scouts before." So there's an upside. At least he has a shirt that fits:)

    Do you LOVE Eragon? I'm reading Narnia! Love it!

  7. Oh, the LUCKY women in your ward! You will obviously Rock at that calling!

  8. Oh, Lucky ward. You are always so full of great ideas. I went from being 1st counc. in primary to being on the enrichment committee too. I love the break. I can plan an activity once every three months!
    I enjoy looking at your blog. Ours is finally getting updated check it out!


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