Sunday, September 7, 2008

Savin' Up

Roger mowed the lawn yesterday morning, and was so proud of his new time of one hour. Yep - an HOUR. Last time he cut it, he had decided to "bag" it because it had gotten so long that he couldn't just leave it mulched all over the place, and that took 2 hours. YIKES. With a huge front yard (complete with hills), and decent size back yard, and a totally separate fenced side yard, that all equals up to a lot of yard. And as everyone knows, and our new neighbors are quickly discovering, the Wisor's are not known for their mad gardening skills.
So you can imagine, now Roger has got a hankering for a new toy. A toy he'll never get, but he's coveting all the same. Every time we walk into a home improvement store, now we have to stop and check out the ride on mowers. "Oh man, wouldn't that be nice..." he'll say, all pitiful like. Yeah, and it would also be nice if I could get rid of my stretch marks and we had large amounts of disposable income to hire a maid. But some things just aren't going to happen.
Or are they?
Take a look at this beauty I found a picture of while surfin' the net....
The Mowercycle.
I just need to draw up some plans, find our ratchet set, and get to work.
Merry Christmas, baby.


  1. oh my gosh! that is hysterical! maybe that is what mauricio needs! he does have a riding mower and it still takes an hour. okay we are on a full acre so maybe that's why. so he mows one week and then edges the next week! pathetic! let's just say we have no landscaping!

  2. Awesome! Just tell Roger it's like playing Wii... only more realistic!

  3. Mowing the lawn is my favorite activity all week! I know, I have no life. I'm with you, Roger! I dream of the day...

  4. Go Roger Go! That is really funny. Rebecca you crack me up. I look forward to your posts. Thanks for keeping me up with the family. Miss you guys!

  5. Thats hilarious! Hey, you should have Jasen take your fam pics next time you're back in CA!


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