Monday, September 8, 2008

Road Trip

Aside from family, there aren't many things that we have missed living here. Not the fog (or smog) in Fresno. The warm water you have to brush your teeth with all summer in Mesa because cold water is non-existent. Certainly not the snow and ice in Eagle Mountain. But when you start talking about food, well....that's a whole different subject. I have dearly missed my Carl's Jr. My little happy star. My BBQ Chicken sandwiches that I would beg my husband to bring home for me during pregnancy when I couldn't eat anything else. So when Roger was at work and heard someone mention that there was, indeed, a few in the area, we had to make it a family outing.
As usual, it's all fun and games...
until someone gets hurt. The traditional fight over the "middle seat." I think it's pretty obvious who lost this one. Forty minutes later, we were there. For all you locals, it's exit 70 right off 30 in Rockwall. It's like coming home. Remember in high school how people would steal the number thingies that they had for the tables and put them on their dashboard? Maybe it was just a Clovis thing... $37 later (what happened to 89 cent kids burger?). My sacred chicken sandwich, fried zucchini with ranch (that even Brendan ate!), western bacon cheeseburgers, famous stars, an oreo shake for Sierra... good times. And yes, our family usually does take up two booths. I keep trying to make one of those booths just for me, all by myself, but the dang kids always seem to follow me. Now we just need to find a Cafe Rio like in Utah, Joe's BBQ from Arizona, Tahoe Joes from California...


  1. That's it -- you guys go find all the good places to eat and let us know when you find 'em. While you're at it, don't forget to take this with you!

  2. hahaha nerdo! i think i will go get a famous star and onion rings for lunch now. =) mmm yum

    btw, the cheesecake at tahoe joe's is still amazing!

  3. You must be a fan of Carl's to take anything over a 10 min drive with your family to get there. Paul's a big fan of the double bacon western cheese burger.

  4. Don't forget about In & Out! We just got a new one in Clovis, on Herndon & Clovis Ave. And btw, stealing those numbers wasn't just a Clovis thing, my hubby still has his from high school & he's from Reedley!

  5. I didn't see Me'N'Eds on that list....

  6. $37... and how many booths does your family need? :)


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