Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fall Inspiration

Yesterday it was cloudy and windy and COOL for the first time since spring. This morning was more of the same with a slight chill to the refreshing. Now that the sun has finally peeked out it's probably going to hit 90 again, but it's too late. I got a taste of things to come, and my mind is already thinking ahead. I'm not much of a Halloween decorator, but perhaps this year we should break tradition and at least get a little creative with the pumpkins...

And then there is the dilemma of the dreaded Halloween costume. I'll be helping out with the classroom parties, so it should be something fun. And timeless. And just a bit sexy, so my husband can appreciate it. I think the search is over.

Come to mama.


  1. holy crap that is hysterical!!!!!!
    love these things!!

    oh and about the dr. pepper i think we are going to put the house up for sale and get us a place out by you!!! if i can get dr. pepper everywhere i am there!!! it is so hard to find it here!!! what is up with everyone? and most of my friends love it too. you'd think they would have more places other than wendy's and chick-fil-a!

    coke? blech!!! okay except if i do have to have it diet with cherry is okay.

  2. Seriously Rebecca, I'm near tears laughing so hard! So great!

  3. Love the post. You crack me up1 Gwen has already worn that costume. Maybe she post a pic or two of that on her blog.

  4. Is that only in Texas? Or were those pictures from Utah?

  5. I really thought in the first few pics that you were the author of that hysterical homocidal pumpkin man! I was really getting envious of your creativity and free time!! :)

  6. Bob LOVES halloween! It's his favorite holiday; this gave him some great ideas!


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