Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Coming Clean

Thanks alot, Gwen!
Actually, I didn't mind a bit. Heck, I'm used to how my house looks. All of you, on the other hand, are the ones that have to deal with the disappointment and all the nightmares. Not to mention the longest post ever.
The rules are to grab your camera and take pictures of the following with NO CLEANING UP!
Perfect day for that. This week we started having breakfast as a family at 6:45 sharp (you know by the "sharp" that it was Roger's idea). After we eat, the clean dishes get put away and the dirty ones go in. So here we have what's left: a soaking Cocoa Latte blender, two baking sheets from last night's five star menu consisting of mozzarella sticks with chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I know you are all going to be begging me for recipes now that you know I'm the gourmet next door :) Random washcloth that a child probably used to wash the floor with before putting back on the counter, and a plastic ziploc bag that Hayden had filled with ice and water to "fix" his mosquito bites.
Just an unemptied trash can full of makeup wipes and fruit by the foot wrappers. You know, the usual. Certainly not full of Qtips-those always seem to make it on the floor, where they stay until bathroom trash day rolls around (what day is that again, sweetheart?) And a scale that's basically there just to mock me.
Oooohh, that's a doozy. Partly because our drain pipe for the washing machine is leaking so I have to babysit it every time I do a load. Which, because of the extra effort, isn't as often as I should. We generate about 3 loads a day, and I do do the math. Your answer should look something like my laundry room. Notice the paint swatch (Forde Abbey, a nice warm grey by Ralph Lauren) hanging out above the wood cabinets that still need to be primed and painted. Someday.
The other wall. All the kids are at school, except Haydo who gets the day off since it's early release.


Yep, there she is.

Oh, you meant the inside?? Sorry.

Note the bottom drawer that is the designated paint brush/roller storage area. What's that? You see a paintbrush on the top shelf on the left? It must be your imagination. The bottom drawer is the designated paint brush/roller storage area.


Hayden's the only one here, and he's eating cocoa puffs and planted in front of the TV watching Spongebob.

But by the time I'm wrapping up the picture taking, he's moved to the couch in the back room and kickin' some serious booty on Lego Star Wars (that can happen when he's playing on big brother's file). While we're back there, we might as well document the disorganization that I've dubbed "The Corner Of Shame." I'm working on it today, promise.


For everyday, it's these well worn friends:

For church, it's a toss up between a few, but I'll go with the olive kicks:


No brainer. The place where all the magic happens ;) Look how much I followed the no picking up rule...bra on the floor on my side of the bed from last night. Like I said, your nightmares, not mine.

And although the bed wasn't made, the pillows were all stacked up nice and neat. Do I get points for that?


Pretty much anywhere I can take along the cows...


It didn't say whose, but here's my side (we really need to rip out the shelves and start over - I'll get around to that someday too).

I know, very exciting. Do I own anything that isn't fall colors or neutral? That would be a no. And sadly lots more solid fall colored pieces are missing (didn't you see the laundry room?) Here's a hall closet, just in case. More projects I'm working on (just not right now).
I call it "mortification" at revealing all my secrets. Yeah right.
Now it's your turn Liz, Khristie, Holly, and Heather (you can only be so cruel to family, right?)


  1. Hey I thought I was the only one that kept my paint rollers in the fridge! Mine do go on the top shelf however. Love your hair by the way!

  2. I was dreading to see my name down there at the end....thanks...alot...


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