Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Classic Lines

Jordan, age 4,
on why he couldn't stop grabbing himself:
"I have to do it - it makes it happy."
Last night:
Hayden, age 4,
on why he can't leave his nipples alone:
"I have to, 'cuz if I don't,
they don't have any fun."


  1. Rebecca,
    that is awesome. I was there for those Jordan days and I still quote that to other mother's of "grabbing' kids.

  2. Does every family have a nipple grabber, or what? (And I'm referring to my 2 year old, so get your mind out of the gutter.)

    Too funny. Boys!

  3. OH BOYS... I am in the same boat as Jordan was... ughhh my least favorite stage... PALLLEEAASSE tell me it goes away! it really makes me very distraught... but the nipple thing.. that is HILARIOUS!

  4. Just wait until they're teenagers and they say they need to rearrange their "furniture".

  5. I'm glad I've got girls and don't look forward to that part of Grayson. WHO SAID BOYS WERE EASIER?!!


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