Friday, September 26, 2008


10 days until my beloved's special day. The big 3-9. He didn't even realize that it was so close until I mentioned it a few days ago. Perhaps he really did forget. Or maybe he's in denial, because next year at this time, he will be in the final countdown of his 30's (while his wife is still just beginning hers!) Since we still own two homes and, unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees (my parents were right about that), we decided to get creative and set a $10 limit for our anniversary presents to each other back in August. I got him:
... that was on sale for $8.99.
We hardly ever buy movies, so that tells you how much we enjoyed it.
He, on the other hand, went a couple dollars over budget ($14.99) and got me:

... which I can't really be too mad about, since he had remembered it from a month before when I had spotted it in JCPenney and fell in love ;)

But now it's present time again and I'm completely at a loss about what to get him (that he can open in front of the kids). Any ideas out there?

Perhaps a subscription?


  1. I'm in the second chapter right now. I haven't got that far cause everytime I take my meds I fall asleep! Hopefully I get more into it, keep you posted...

  2. P.S. Love that necklace, Roger has good taste!

  3. Love the necklace too! Good job Roger.. and did you LOVE Stardust?!!! We saw it a few months ago and were SHOCKED at how good it was. We both loved it!

  4. My favorite is Robert DiNiro! HILARIOUS!!! And I still think Claire Danes looks like you.

    Ohhhh, so sad - Bob took the camera hunting, so I'll have to try & keep the house as is until he gets back. Darn. =)
    I cleaned up on Thurs night (he left that morning) so I could enjoy a clean house for a few days at least. Don't worry, I've still got plenty of messes left.


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