Thursday, August 28, 2008

Patience, Grasshopper

Last Saturday there was a Primary activity at the church. All of my boys were counting down the days, but Sierra...let's just say that "Primary" is not one of the things on her cool list right now. She's not 12 until the end of January, but since she's in 7th grade, all of her friends from school have long since moved on to young women's, and she is a whole head taller than the rest of the 11 year olds in her class. And the whole "Once There Was A Snowman" thing has somehow lost it's magic. Not to say that I don't sympathize. I have a November birthday, and the infamous Primary Program was at the end of October. I remember pleading with whoever would listen to PUH-LEZE not make me participate. Everybody else had already moved up, and I would have to look like an idiot with all the babies. Totally lost on that one (it's obviously scarred me for life). I also remember going with my mom to pick up some girls from a quad-stake dance and having a boy ask me to dance with him because he thought I was older (I was 11). So the joy that she feels whenever someone says, "Oh-I thought you were older than that" is something that I understand. But skipping church activities is not something that I want to set a precedent for. After the activity, one of the ladies that had stayed was telling me all about Sierra and how she got to participate. When she came out to the car I asked what she got to do (in the I-already-know-the-answer-but-I-want-to-hear-it-from-you voice). Which was met with a why-do-you-have-to-be-so-friendly-with-everyone look. But it quickly softened and was replaced with a smirk. "They were doing a demonstration, but it was going to be too hard for the kids, so they asked the adults." I thought she was being a punk, but then today I got an email with the photos from the activity. And there she is.


  1. Ohhhhhhhh My Gosh! She looks like her mother, (I bet she'll love that), before you went to the "dark side"! Here's keeping our fingers crossed that she enjoys the Blonde for a while. I love that she got involved... she totally looks like she is having a blast. How sad that we have to push them just a little bit, and they find out that they enjoyed it after all! I think that Liz got out of part of the program by playing the piano!

    Enjoyed the blog, thanks for sharing.



  2. Being old and "mature" is so fun in Primary!
    I so remember those days.
    My kids are all Summer Bdays and they have the trait of being tall and 'strong' looking. My fun will be coming.

  3. I can't believe she's STILL in primary! Okay, duh, obviously she's not 12 yet, but in my mind I've had her at 13 for the past 5 years. She totally looks out of place in the "little kid" activity.

  4. I was a December birthday, tall and had older sisters -- i get it...
    I was so happy to see her jump right up and participate! Way to go Sierra!!!

  5. holy crap! i thought she was older. i remember those days, but my mom was the primary chorister at that time so try that on for size!!!!!! i hated it and i think my mom did too!!!!!

    i feel sorry for my savnnah b/c she has a jan bday too.

    this too shall pass!

  6. I too, thought the "age 11" may have been a typo on your part. Sierra is so grown up. BTW, did your mom really say "totally" in her comment, lol. Someone get her out of Clovis Unified. Love ya Carla :)

  7. I know how your daughter feels! Though my b-day is in april, I HAD to participate in the dumb primary program which was TWO DAYS before my birthday!!


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